Egg Yolk Vs Egg White: Which Is Really Healthier?

There has always been a debate about the healthier option, the yolk or the albumen as the egg white is properly called. Some say the white portion is appropriate for those trying to shed those extra kilos whereas others emphasize on the carbohydrate content in the yolk portion is important for the essential functions that are performed by the body. Many studies conducted have now proved the good qualities that emphasize on the goodness of carbohydrates rather than place them in the negative light as it was viewed earlier. We will hereby look upon some of the qualities of the egg white and the egg yolk and try to come to a conclusion which is better than the other.

Egg Yolk Vs Egg White

The basic content breakdown in the yolk and the white region:

Here is a comparison of the contents on the egg yolk and the albumen part for every 100 gms of the substance. Egg yolk contains 322 calories per 100 grams whereas egg white contains just 52 calories. The protein content in yolk is 16 gram whereas in albumen is 11 grams. Total fat content is 27 grams in yolk and just 0.2 grams in egg albumen portion. So whereas yolk is high in both the calorific content and protein content, albumen just has a significant amount of protein and no other important nutrients.

The cholesterol debate:

Cholesterol has now been proven to be important and essential for our good health and should not be viewed as something that should be avoided at all rates. It is a precursor to al the sex hormones and is utilized by all the biological cells in the body, the cholesterol present in yolk is found to increase the number of good HDL in the body whereas the cholesterol found in sweet foods is found to increase the bas LDL in the body. This settles the debate about the cholesterol content in the yolk part. And the egg albumin on the other hand has little to no cholesterol content and an excess of just an egg white diet may cause nutritional problems.

Yolk is the storehouse of all the egg-y goodness:

Egg whites may have fewer calories and a lesser amount of fat and cholesterol, but before making up your mind about those egg white omelets, just take a look at all the good things the yolk contains. The yellow portion of your sunny side ups contain the oxygen transporting iron, bone forming phosphorous, immune boosting zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, E and K as well. It contains more than 90% of Thiamin, Folate and Vitamin B6 along with Vitamin B12. Carotenoids, Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which is an anti-oxidant is also found in the yolk portion.


Now, hoping to have settled the debate between goodness of egg whites and egg yolk we conclude with points that yolk contains all the good qualities of the egg whereas the albumin contains nothing more than protein and a few calories. Eggs contain most of the nutrients that are essential for the human body and are also helpful in weight loss regimes.

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