Effective Bodybuilding Diet Plan For Women

Although body building has become much talked about sport, with every fit person claiming to be one, achieve that level of toned body is not easy. You can’t develop those muscles you see in those gym advertisements. Effective body building is not just possibly with doing weight training exercise; you have to have extreme control over what you eat and when you eat. If you follow an effective diet plan with regular exercise, only then you get the required results.

Diet plan for body building for women

body building for women
Body building includes more than weight training and other exercises, it requires strict diet plan. Your daily calorie intake must be strictly monitored because any excess calorie that one consumes gets converted into fat. As women’s bodies tend to store more fat than men, their diets should consist of low fat and cholesterol. What women need is a high protein diet as they play an important role in gaining muscles and repairing damaged muscle tissues as well (which may have caused while training accidents).
Of course ditching the junk food and including healthy food is a no brainer. If you are performing heavy weight training you must consume more than the average two time meal. To develop muscles you will need more nutrients. Therefore having five to six meals in which she consumes the right amount of nutrients (mostly carbohydrates and proteins) is much helpful for body building.

Structure of the diet

The structure of the diet should includes –
Structure of the diet
Breakfast – Rich protein food stuffs such as eggs (egg whites), fish, milk and broiled chicken. Fruits for carbohydrates, especially oranges (good for endurance) are good to have before work out. Whole wheat toasts with cheese (low fat) are good choices for ideal breakfast.
Lunch – Lunch should be filled with low fat/high protein nutrients. Many female body builders recommend Tuna fish sandwiches, tomato and lettuce slices for lunch. Wheat bread, low fat yogurt, spinach (for lean muscle growth and endurance) are also good choices.
Dinner – High protein food stuffs, Broiled chicken (avoid baked and fried), salmon (recommended five to six pieces) are good for dinner. Fresh steamed vegetables, baked potatoes and fresh fruit juices are a good combo for dinner.
Other meals in between may include fruits, body building supplements like protein shakes especially after a workout. Drinking enough water throughout the day is one of the most essential things about your daily diet plan.

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