Easy Tips For Getting Started In GTA 5

GTA 5 has been the most awaited game of the season and the wait of fans is finally over when the game is on the verge of becoming a blockbuster. It was delayed by some time and finally, it is out in the market with a bang. The buildup of this game took no less than two years. After a lot of arrangements, the game is out for sales now and the gamers are happy to the core. The critics have come in praise of this much awaited game and the reviews from fans around the world have been encouraging too. Here are some of the tips that help the gamer to get started with this GTA 5:

Easy Tips For Getting Started In GTA 5
1. The Manual must be downloaded on the iOS device

This game is really huge and therefore, it is important for the gamer to download its manual. Such manual can be downloaded on mobile devices too. A free download of the manual is offered for the iOS users. This can be done by going to iTunes and choosing “Grand Auto Theft Auto 5: The Manual”. The manual contains control layout, a snazzy map and the guide for the user to do many un-identified activities in the game. However, such a manual cannot be downloaded by the android users and they will have to wait a little longer to have this service.

When the user has already downloaded the manual, it is very important and significant for him to get the free GTA V app “iFruit”. This app does not only let you customize cars but also helps the gamer to train a dog named “Franklin”. This dog is one of the most important parts of this game and he stays with the main character in the course of the game. Hence, it’s important to learn the trade of training him.

2. The Play disc should not be installed

GTA V can be installed don the hard disk of the computer. However, Rockstar advises the Xbox 360 users to skip the installation of “play” disc on the system and instead bypass the disc spinning sound. If the gamer installs the play disc, it can lead to a very dismal performance and the graphics also suffer invariably. Therefore, the user has to keep in mind not to install the play disc.

3. Explore and dig into several activities

The screenplay of GTA V takes us for a deep and intense ride. This game is full of adventure from the streets of Los Santos. This stage is unlocked when the game starts. Therefore, the user does not earn to get to this stage and all the fun in Los Santos is never missed by the gamer. The story is too intense and can take a toll on the player, hence he should keep it cool and take some break from routine and play tennis or gold while playing the game.

GTA V activities

These activities can help the player get accustomed to the surroundings and the geography well. These adjustments with the help of mentioned activities enable the user to complete the missions without any hassles and problems.

4. Invest in the stock market

GTA V offers many ways to earn money for the player. The ways of earning money are not always legal in GTA V and there are things that are illegal in the game but they give enough money to the player and this money helps him to secure good play in the game. There are two stock markets in GTA V, and investing in these markets smartly can aid wonders to the bank account of the player. The LCN prices are maintained and governed by the gameplay progression.

GTA 5 Invest in the stock market

On the other hand, the Baswaq market is driven by the player data. The tips that are given regarding the stock market must be kept in mind by the player while investing in the market.

5. Switch characters regularly

GTA V is one of the biggest games that exist in the market currently and it offers a gameplay where the user can pick from the three main characters. It is advised to play with all the three characters if possible. If the player wastes much of his time playing with the same guy, he will lose the fun that he could have on the other missions of the game. The map of such characters is also color coded and for every character, there is a different color of the map. For example, Michael is given blue, Trevor is given orange and Franklin, the green color.

GTA 5 Switch characters regularly

Thus, playing with different characters in the game induces more excitement and therefore, the user should not waste much of his time playing with the same character every time. He should experiment and check new missions with the new character he endorses.


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