Dubai Roadster Car May Feature In 2015

Dubai and supercars are two inseparable elements. They go together a long way and it is the city that has manufactured jumbo jet cars in the nearest past. Dubai is a great market for super cars, thanks to the high GDP in the country. The financiers always had a keen eye on Dubai considering the sales that are affected in the city. Since the last few years, Dubai had been the great purchaser of super cars but the time has come when the manufacturers based in the city have gathered the resources and started making cars on their own.

The latest car that has been manufactured in Dubai is Dubai Roadster. It is an exhilarating car that is full of life and performance. When the officials related to the car manufacturing were contacted, they indicated that it would be showcased in the “2020 Dubai Expo” but the experts hold a belief that the car may roll into the streets by the year 2015. If some reports are to be believed, the car would weigh as low as 1, 700 pounds and will be manufactured mainly from the carbon fiber. The 48 engine will be responsible for producing all the needed power of around 400 horsepower, which is incredible.

Dubai Roadster Car May Feature In 2015 Dubai Roadster Car May Feature In 2015 Dubai Roadster Car May Feature In 2015

Whenever a new product is launched in the market, there is skepticism from the critics as well as the experts. People are now questioning about who made this car. The answer that people are getting is “an unnamed Emirati racer”. Considering the wealth of the region, we can believe the truth in the story. If the story that we mentioned becomes a reality, the Dubai Roadster could compete with the likes of sport cars such as KTM X-Bow and BAC Mono. This could prove to be a great bet for the Dubai car manufacturer.

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