As we all know that dogs are carnivores but you must have seen some eating grass. Then at that time a question must arises in your mind that if they eat grass when they are extremely hungry or does the grass contain the substances that may is found in their food. Actually, grass eating is a natural and canine habit which do not put any kind of side effect on their bodies.

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass
Although some dog owners feel surprised seeing this as various dogs do not illustrate this habit. Actually the fact is that grass and other plants are there in the intestines of herbivores which is eaten by dogs and so is the reason that grass and other natural plants become a regular diet of dog as they acquire that taste of grass and dogs who have habit of eating grass can not leave it at any cost. Actually, there is nor any definite reason why dogs eat grass.

You can see both healthy and sick and dog of any breed eating grass. Some do it occasionally while some include this in their daily diet. Grass actually fulfills the nutrient deficiency in a dog. This is a also a reason that numerous tenants provide their dogs, the grass supplements in order to fulfill their above mentioned deficiency. If you want to see your dog eating grass or not, just left him alone in the lawn and just see that the first thing he will do is eating grass. Sometimes dogs eat spoiled food from garbage cans and to induce the vomiting, they eat grass as through this way they expel food that do not agree with their digestive systems. This is the second most reason behind the fact that being a carnivore why dog eat grass.

If your dog also have this habit, then make sure that he will eat in your lawn only so that he may not intake any toxic substances that may is harmful for his health.

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