Dodge Emerges As The Fastest Muscle Car Rver Beating The Likes Of Ford And Chevy

From the last couple of years, Dodge had remained very quiet but it is certainly back with a bang. In the recent past, the major rivalry laid between Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro but Dodge was nowhere in the middle of the rivalry as it possessed lesser credibility than the above mentioned cars. However, Dodge has made up for the lagged out business in the last couple of years. It has emerged as the fastest muscle car by beating the likes of Ford and Chevy.

The 707 HP engine of Dodge Challenger Hellcat is super powerful to make this car the fastest one in the world. It will be launched in the year 2015 but there is a huge buzz already, thanks to it being the fastest muscle car ever.  The officials of the car maker have proclaimed that The Challenger Hellcat would be the fastest factory muscle car ever to run a quarter mile. The experience with this car would be mind blowing for everyone.

dodge challenger hellcat 2015dodge challenger hellcat 2015 dodge challenger hellcat 2015

Dodge has commented under the token of National Hot Rod Association that Challenger Hellcat was timed at 11.2 seconds and 125 mph speed was covered in this time. It is the fastest acceleration ever and no Mustang or Camaro could compare with the likes of The Challenger Hellcat.  The closest competitor for the car was Shelby GT500 which was fed with engine of 662 HP. It lagged by 0.3 seconds to Dodge.

You can check out the videos on YouTube about the events that Dodge participated in. You can also make comparisons between the 1971 model of the car and the new one. Dodge has become the fastest ever car maker now and it has made its fans forget about the time lapse in the last couple of years.

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