Dandruff, Dandruff Everywhere – Cause, symptoms And Treatment

If this is what you have been saying, then here are some hints that can hint you on why and how dandruff is caused and ways to treat it. First and foremost, you must learn to diagnose dandruff, If you are one of those people, who have been asked “was it snowing outside?” one too many times, then it is high time you realize you need to get rid of them. You may have seen many head and shoulders commercials, but the sad truth is that making dandruff disappear is not as easy as muttering ‘Accio dandruff’ to your head. So to get to the point of ‘dandruff all in one’, here are some common myths, truths, causes and solutions for dandruff.

Dandruff, Dandruff Everywhere - Cause, symptoms And Treatment

Dryness causes dandruff

This is a myth; at least, according to Jessica Wu, an M.D and a dermatologist as well as a clinical professor of dermatology at University of Southern California Medical School (which makes her more credible than our opinion). Dandruff is just caused due to over growth of yeast (which is harmless). It is just, when the yeast begins to feed on excess oil and the dead skin of the scalp, dandruff is produced. As the scalp cells shed more because of the dead cells, they clump into flakes.


For “cleaning and clearing” the dandruff in your hair

Even if just using a shampoo may not completely make the dandruff go away, it certainly reduces them. Washing your hair more often, especially for women with long hair is often said to be damaging. For dandruff, it is exactly the opposite. Not washing your hair enough may cause more dead skin cells and oil to accumulate on your scalp which obviously is not a good blend. This will lead the ‘naturally’ good fungus and yeast to feast on the oil plus dead skin combo.

So to clean and clear all the dandruff washing your head (Leaving the shoulder) with a doctor recommended dandruff shampoo is a must. If you are concerned about your hair turning brittle due to shampooing, you can always use dandruff conditioner.


Other options

There are plenty of natural things that can help in getting rid of dandruff. Of course good ole’ veggies containing dandruff fighting soldiers (more of Zinc, vitamins, and essential fatty acids than actual knife wielding ones) can get rid of dandruff. All the things that you may hate like broccoli, spinach, pecans and baked beans are actually good for defeating dandruff.


You can get dandruff on your eyebrows

This is a little known fact that dandruff is not restricted to just the scalp. The areas of skin which are oily like on eyebrows, around the nose and behind ears produce dandruff as well. If you have scaly patches of skin, you can actually use little amount of your dandruff shampoo to clean such spots.

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