Creepiest Burial Grounds Around The World

Do you believe in ghosts? It’s a controversial question, but no matter what your answer is, we can all agree that a place full of dead bodies is not somewhere any of us would be eager to spend a night in. Cemeteries are plain creepy that way. We are going to tell you about the creepiest cemeteries around the globe.

Catacombs of Rome

Whether it’s due to their peculiar history, suspicious accidents or eerie localities, the following five burial grounds are locations where even the most unshakable atheists wouldn’t step into without holy water and a crucifix.

Five Creepy Cemeteries/Burial Grounds around the Globe:

5. Catacombs of Rome

Beneath the beautiful cobbled streets of the city of Rome, there are numerous complex tunnels that were used to bury and memorialize Christians during the times of persecution. When the space in the walls ran out, the bodies were simply buried in the floor of the tunnels. So, if you ever get a chance to visit Rome, watch where you step, because you might be walking on an underground cemetery.

Catacombs of RomeCatacombs of Rome


4. Capuchin Catacombs

Located in Palermo Italy, originally these catacombs were designed as a memorial for the monks after the cemetery was fully occupied, but soon it became common for anyone to be buried in these catacombs. The bodies are carefully preserved and placed along the walls in slots or on the shelves, accessible by the families. In some cases, to honor the wishes of the dead ones, the clothes of the dead ones are changed according to the latest fashion. It is one thing to want to be fashionable in life…but in death?

Capuchin CatacombsCapuchin Catacombs


3. Old Jewish Cemetery

Located in the Jewish Quarter of Prague, Czech Republic, this cemetery seems to be jammed with tombstones. The gravestones are so crammed together that you would think it’s impossible that this many bodies are buried in this small a section of land. There are approximately 12,000 tombstones visible in this cemetery, which has been in use for about six centuries.  The number of people buried there is uncertain, because there are multiple layers of tombs. However, it has been estimated that there may be as many as 100,000 burials in all. How does this work out, you might ask. Well since the land was scarce and Jews could not be buried anywhere than in a Jewish cemetery, extra earth was added on top of existing graves to bury more bodies. This resulted in 12 layers of graves.

Old Jewish Cemetery


2. City of the Dead

In northern Russia, there is a whole city used as a cemetery. It is a collection of approximately one hundred stone crypts that remind you of a village consisting small homes. The spookiness of this area increases many folds once you find out that some of the bodies were not buried, but seem to have been just placed inside these crypts. This is because when the plague hit, a lot of families were wiped out and sometimes a family member was left with no one to bury him. When such a person fell ill, they would go to the City of the Dead, crawl into a crypt and wait to join the occupants on the other side.

City of the Dead


1. Capela dos Ossos

Capela dos Ossos meaning the Chapel of Bones, is a small chapel in Portugal that in addition to cementing human bones and skulls in its walls as interior decoration, pompously displays two full skeletons (one of a small child) suspended on chains. And if this wasn’t disturbing enough, the writing on the entrance of Chapel saying “We bones, lying here bare, are awaiting yours”, undoubtedly makes Capela dos Ossos no. 1 on our list of creepy cemeteries.

Capela dos Ossos Capela dos Ossos


That concludes our list of creepy burial grounds and cemeteries. These are places where we would not want to get stuck in; merely thinking about it gives us the heebie-jeebies. We will be back with another list of spine-chillingly eerie places soon.

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