Crazy but best Hotels Around the Globe

Extravagant, luxurious, charming, elegant, sophisticated, stunning, comfortable etc. are the usual ways to describe a hotel. But at times, we can even add boring to it; this is because no matter where you go, these hotels are the norms. Everyone tries to make as extravagant and luxurious hotel as possible using the best of the classic architecture available. But there are some hotel owners, who have taken the extra mile and added crazy, impossible, ingenious, unbelievable, paranoid, psycho, etc. to the dictionary of hotels. And yes, even removed boring from them.

best Hotels

If you want to do something new, something extraordinary, something exciting, something different, then no, you don’t have to opt for extreme sports; a better and safer alternative is available-hotels. These days a lot of hotels are propping up which are way away from the definition of hotel. Yes, they are hotels, you pay to rest and rent their services, but now you can rent a tree house, a cave, ancient runes and so on. Sounds surprising but it’s true. If you are the adventurous type but prefer hazard-free activities, then plan a holiday in one of the fabulously crazy hotels.

Au Vieux Panier Hotel:

The hotel might only have five rooms but these are annually re-conceptualized by commissioned artists and designers. One of the most famous rooms is the ‘Panic room’ which is stylized with graffiti across one half while the other is plain white. We don’t really understand why it’s called the panic room because if we get to spend some time there we would be totally hyped about it.

Au Vieux Panier Hotel

Elkep Evi Hotel:

The hotel offers rooms and suites in caves but with a modern touch. It’s located in the rock hill above the town of Urgup in Cappadocia. Talk about being eco-friendly, this hotel is one of the best deals out there with a package of natural beauty, scenic awesome-ness, panoramic views, extraordinary rooms and chambers.

Elkep Evi Hotel Elkep Evi Hotel Elkep Evi Hotel

De Vrouwe van Stavoren:

The De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel (or the Wine Barrel Hotel) in the Netherlands is an example of ingenious creativity; and some recycling too. Rooms were made salvaged from four wine casks from Switzerland. If you love wooden houses, then you are up for a treat. Stavoren gives off a beautiful, charming and totally surprising aura to everyone who sees it. And once you’ve seen it, you can’t help yourself but crave for it.

De Vrouwe van Stavoren De Vrouwe van Stavoren

Madonna Inn:

It’s built in California and once you enter it, you would feel like you have stepped into the realms of cartoons. Not because of the graphics, but because of the plain craziness of the hotel. Each room is made to represent a different theme with matching color schemes. Truly mind-boggling and confusing to look at. It has the ‘safari room’, the ‘espana room’, ‘barrel of fun’, ‘Cave man room’; the possibilities are limitless and so do the rooms seem limitless too. Just spending a few nights in the hotels wouldn’t be enough; each room is full of fun and bait guaranteed to make you sulk if you don’t spend some time in it. It’s a hotel version of Disney Land, and once you are in it, you wouldn’t want to leave it ever.

Madonna Inn Madonna Inn

The Hotel IM Wasserturm:

Based in Germany, this hotel provides an exclusive, unique, one-of-a-kind experience of the German heritage. Though it’s a luxury hotel, it’s based in Europe’s largest water tower. The interiors are a collection of ancient heritage touched with modern art. Shaped like a cylinder (every tower is shaped like that), it makes for an exotic trip if one gets a chance to stay in it.

 The Hotel IM Wasserturm

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