Cool Ideas to Make Your Wedding Ceremony Unforgettable

Wedding is undoubtedly the most significant moment of someone’s life. It officially announces the togetherness of two souls who are in love with each other. It is an important event in anyone’s life and the couple tries to make it as special as they can. Some of the couples choose unique ideas to strike their marriage. This keeps their love eternal as the people remember their marriage for long, because of being unique. Marriage is a great platform to showcase your love to the partner and extreme efforts should be made by the partners in order to announce their love to the entire world. In order to get noticed and get remembered, they should adopt some cool ideas for wedding. Here are some of the cool and unique ideas to make your wedding ceremony unforgettable:

Cool Ideas to Make Your Wedding Ceremony Unforgettable
1. Announce the Love tale to the others:

To arouse interest of guests into the married couple, it is best advised to ask the priest or the close buddy to tell their love story to the public. It’s the best when one of the partners does it, since no one can explain the feelings that they had while they fell for each other better than the couple.

This love tale can be told in the form of a documentary too, which can be compiled using the pictures of them. This could be done by the close family members or friends. Once the couple checks their love documentary, the attachment and the bond deepen between them. Hence, in order to make the wedding ceremony cool and unforgettable, it is advised to tell the love story of the couple to the guests.

2. Greetings from the guests who cannot attend the wedding:

In the fast paced world, it is a broad possibility that most of the close people are not able to attend the wedding ceremony of their friends. In this case, these friends must be encouraged to either send letters or video messages addressed to the couple. This completes the presence of the absent guests and satiates the couple too. Such a message that is woven with love acts as a catalyst in emotions and helps conduct the wedding in a harmonious tone.

3. The Guest notes must be kept as memories:

The couple should not only encourage the absent guests to write letters, instead they must ask the arrived guests to write some word of honor for the couple. These letters must be kept unopened for at least a year. After a year, when the wedding ceremony approaches, the couple should open those letters one by one. While they see such letters sprinkling love for the togetherness of the couple, it elevates the love between them. Hence, the guests that arrive the wedding must be encouraged to write letters of blessings and well-wishing to the couple. This idea can infuse a new fervor into the relationship between the couple and work in a great way.

4. Use of hand-tying:

The couples must be fastened with a knot that symbolizes their togetherness for a long time. Sometimes, the couples are offered a baby blanket to be tied on their hands. This simply denotes that the child will be the knot that will keep them together and not separate after the marriage. The hand-fasting ritual is old enough but the new couples are adopting it. The ritual gives a great sense of togetherness for the partners and raises the level of love between the couple.

5. Pass on family whereabouts:

The passing on of certain whereabouts by father in law or mother in law is a tradition that has been carried out for generations. Some families do it in order to accomplish their family ritual, while some do it in order to infuse some uniqueness in the wedding. Mostly, the mother in law is seen passing on her favorite jewelry to her daughter in law. This symbolizes the entry of the new woman in the family where she is welcomed by the other important woman of the family by passing on the jewelry.

6. Experimenting with the vows:

Generally, all the couples read same vows while getting married. What makes the wedding interesting is when the couple have improvised the vows and they plan to read out their own version of wedding vows. This can look to be very sweet and playful. The vows must be jotted down in collaboration of groom and the bride. These vows must be well divided between both the partners and they should speak out one by one and get embraced by the guests.

7. Beer mixing:

In such a wedding, the groom is asked to bring the beer of his own choice, which is generally a dark beer and the bride is also ordered to bring beer of her own choice, which is generally a lighter one. Once the priest receives both the glasses of beer selected by groom and the bride, he mixed both these liquors and puts them in one big glass. This big glass is not supposed to be gulped by both the partners together. It symbolizes that the partners had been doing everything they liked so far, but not they have to walk together in the journey of life and hence, they should compromise and mix the choices. While gulping beer, the couple shows a sense of compromise that they offer to each other as a gift of marriage.


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