Computer Tricks and Hacks Every PC User Should Know

With the fast paced world and developments in the gadget world, it’s very important for the user to know some basic tricks and hacks of computer. Here are some of the fun tricks worth knowing:

1. Start the Windows Narrator:

However Narrator is a less known feature existing in Windows, but it’s an important factor that enables the user to accomplish any work on the PC. The work of Narrator involves typing and clicking too. The Narrator can be searched in start menu on the friend’s PC in a hassle free manner.

Windows Narrator

In order to do some fun with the PC of your friend, activate all the options available in the Narrator. The Start Narrator should further be minimized and if the user wants to play with Narrator, he can activate the settings in such a way that it starts the moment computer is started. Even in the case of rebooting, Narrator keeps working. For some cheeky fun, the user can pull up the volume of user’s speaker. However, it can irritate your friend a bit.

2. Restart the PC with the help of a Shortcut:

The advanced users of Windows can be fooled with this trick. It is very effective and can surprise even a PC buff. In order to set the computer to restart with the help of shortcut, the user must assign a key to it. In order to try this fun trick, the user must make a thorough research of the computer intended for the creation of restart shortcut key. For accomplishing this trick, the user must hit a right click on the short cut and assign the target to:

“%windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -r -t 00”

Restart the PC with the help of a Shortcut

Once the user clicks on the shortcut, the computer will automatically restart. It will surprise even the PC experts. It is one of the best fun tricks that every PC user must know.

3. Do some fun with the startup programs:

One of the most frustrating times is, when the computer takes sages to start because there are some programs that take time to load. These programs are generally the ones like Skype, anti-virus and others. You can add a few more programs to the computer of your friend in order to make fun with him. The programs can be added in an easy manner by doing this:

The user must reach Windows Explorer present in Windows XP and then reach the following location:

C:\Documents and Settings\All users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

In case of Windows 7, the user must reach this location:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

The shortcuts of the programs can be copied to these locations. Such programs can also be equipped with a nice welcome message.

4. Task Scheduler:

Task Scheduler is considered to be the most innocent feature that exists in Windows. However, this innocent looking tool can turn out to be very dangerous with the help of a trick. Task scheduler is used normally to run usual backups and disk defragging works.

It can be used easily for the notorious purpose. The schedule of programs can be changed according to the need of the prank hour. This can disturb the work of person the prank is intended to.

For doing this, the user has to search task scheduler which is generally available in the start menu. After this step, the user needs to create new task placed under the action menu. In the action tab, the user may choose to begin the program or he may even email or post a message. Therefore, it can be a lot of fun if the user is able to put up multiple tasks for the friend.

5. Create an extra keyboard and mouse:

For some office fun, the user must put in a USB dongle for the creation of an extra keyboard and mouse on the screen of his friend. This can be implemented when the friend is at the peak hours of his work. It can well irritate the friend. These keyboards and mouse simultaneously while the real keyboard and mouse also works. This can create havoc in the work routine of your friend. This is considered as one if the most interesting computer trick that a user must know.

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