Collection of Strange Festivals From Around The World

Festivals are part of every culture’s tradition. Festivals usually bring people together for a common celebration cause. However not everyone has the same taste for festival celebration like we think. Ever wondered how well are we acquainted with the various festivals happening across the globe in different communities? From the BORYEONG MUD FESTIVAL to the PAMPLONA BULL RUN, the world is full of quirky, weird and bizarre festivals. Here is list of few of these bizarre festivals which mostly happen to be not everyone’s cup of tea.

1. The Baby Jumping Festival (El Colacho) :

This festival came into existence around the 1600’s in Spain. It involves adult men dressed as the Devil leaping over rows of toddlers lying across the street. It makes us wonder who really give away their babies for carrying out such a scary carnival.

The Baby Jumping Festival (El Colacho)

2. La Tomatina :

This is another contribution from Spain in the list of strangest festivals happening around the world. This festival involves the world’s largest food fight, with some 45,000 revelers hurling more than 250,000 pounds of tomatoes at one another .

La Tomatina

3. Australia: Chinchilla Melon Festival :

Every once in two years, the Melon capital of Australia celebrates this festival by skidding and parading on melons spread on the streets. It also includes events like melon seed spitting, melon tossing and skiing with melon ‘worn’ in feet.

Australia: Chinchilla Melon Festival

4. Hadakamatsuri: The Naked Festival (Japan) :

If you find yourself in Japan in February, don’t be surprised if you encounter some out of place immodest behavior. Well these people aren’t being immodest or anything, they’re out there naked in the open just to celebrate their festival which involves scantily clad men walking to seek divine. It’s an omen for Japanese people. Watching all those people in nothing but loincloth is kind of creepy in itself, but there’s an even creepier element left; among the throng of all the loincloth clad men is a 100 percent naked man! And wait, it gets even more interesting, because finding and touching the naked men is a good omen believed to brink luck and happiness.

Hadakamatsuri: The Naked Festival (Japan)

5. Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea :

If you don’t mind getting covered up in mud and dirt while you’re around a beach then this is the festival you should definitely go for. More than millions of people flock towards the beachside in Boryeong  where tones of wet mud is dug out for various events which take place including people just rolling around on beach to cover themselves in mud.

Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea

6. National Sleepy Head Day, Finland :

This is celebrated in Finland on 27th of July every year. On this eventful day, the last person to wake up in every family is woken up by either throwing him in swimming pool or throwing bucket full of water at him. Now don’t you think its logical to follow the idiom ‘Early to bed early to rise, keeps you healthy, wealthy and ‘DRY’!!!

ational Sleepy Head Day, Finland

7. Sidewalk Egg Frying, USA :

I’m pretty sure when its burning hot outside, the idea of frying egg on sidewalk must have occurred to you just for gags. But in USA you can actually witness this scene on 4th July everywhere. On this day people come from around to compete in scorching sun so as to who would fry their eggs directly under the sun. Everything from magnifying lens to aluminum foils are allowed to enhance the heating capacity of frying eggs on pavements.

Sidewalk Egg Frying, USA

Just when you thought your local yearly festival couldn’t be better — or worse, they couldn’t be more cliché — the world proves just how far people are willing to go to have a good time. Join the fun. They did.

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