China Opens Its Arms To Welcome The World’s First Video Game Stadium

eSports is turning out to be a hot sensation in the gaming world and China is tightening its seat belt to enjoy the thrilling ride of eSports. It is located in the Guangdong Province and close to the gambling paradise Macau. The island will be host to 15,000 seats and will be designed for the video game events taking place here. This place is termed as the video game stadium and it is the first stadium of its own type in the world. There is a huge buzz regarding the same and people are anxious for stepping in this video game world.

This stadium is a masterpiece and a whopping 2.8 billion dollars will be spent in its making. The gaming park is themed as “V-Zone”. The first phase of the project will suffer completion in the year 2017 and it would cost the developers 480 million dollars. The chairman of Lai Fung, Chew Fook Aun stated that they have started the project with a sheet of blank paper and they have been eyeing on the fastest growing sector in the world. Chew Fook Aun is completely responsible for the project and he is totally involved with it as reported by Bloomberg.

video game stadium china

The stadium’s operations will be executed by the Major League Gaming and the streaming of the events can be checked on The project was most anticipated in China but it was a bit difficult to convince the consulting firm that was based in New York to help in this project though. The consultants were lobbying for the other themes including music and cars. However, the scope of gaming is great in China and the makers of the video game stadium are well aware of this fact. More than 500 million people in the country are involved in playing video games and there are 145 million people who spend more than an hour playing games. This report has been released by EEDAR.

China Opens Its Arms To Welcome The World’s First Video Game Stadium China Opens Its Arms To Welcome The World’s First Video Game Stadium

eSports is expected to hit a huge market in China and will not suffer any losses, as speculated by the experts. The League of Legends Finals was sold out at the Staples Center in LA in less than an hour last year. You can adjudge the popularity of gaming in China with this figure. The scalpers were seen demanding the prices of up to 2000 dollars for a seat. 32 million people were seen watching the final online.

As reported by Major League Gaming, there is a stupendous hike in the viewership in the first quarter of the year. The growth rate is increasing by 60 percent each month and this is no less than an achievement. MLG is the front face of the global eSports phenomenon for the last decade and it is planning to expand the horizons in the market by becoming the fastest growing eSports market. This is the step going in the direction of making MLG and eSports a part of the mainstream culture.

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