China made a huge move by ending its policy of one child per couple. It reduces government interference in family matters and hands over the decision making power to the couple. The decision has been fairly recent and the outcomes of it shall only be known in the long run. How shall it impact the western, Asian and middle eastern world and how shall it impact the internal regions of China? Both these questions can only be answered by time.

China Ending Its Policy Of One Child Per Couple

Will it lead to couples having offspring in double digits? Or will it lead to each family having 4-5 kids? How will it impact women? It is natural that a lot of couples will want to have more kids but how will it impact those couples who have already suffered the consequences of the old policy? Are they ready to accept the new policy?    

It will also impact schools in the long run as there will definitely be more children per year in each school. Will it be a problem for schools or they are ready to face the future? Moreover, this generation will probably be the first one to experience a relationship of siblings. The parents are unaware of how to handle two children. So, how are they going to deal with it?

Not taking away credit from the Chinese Government for such wonderful decision but have they realised the full impact of it? Within the Chinese region itself, it is going to cause mayhem. Has the government considered the consequences fully? Are they ready for the larger picture?  

Yet, these questions will find their own answers as time passes by. In the meanwhile, one definitely mustn’t ignore the fact that this is a good decision and is definitely going to spread happiness amongst a lot of married couples. The decision was taken largely to deal with the dwindling demographics of China.

It has been clearly stated in the document released by the communist party as to why the decision to scrap the one child per couple policy has been taken. The meeting lasted for 4 days and also resulted in the cancellation of 5 year development plans for the country. The decisions were calculative, logical and rational but eventually led to emotional happiness for the subjects of the party.

Demographic development of the country is important for the party and hence, instead of one, it now allows two children per couple. Aging population has become a huge problem in China like in Japan and hence, the move by the communist Chinese Government.

Aging population also means an acute shortage of labour and hence, reduces the growth rate of the nation as a whole.    

The one child per couple has a long and complicated history of its own. It was initiated in 1980 and through forceful means such as abortion, sterilization etc. Moreover, since boys are more preferred than girls, it often led to female infanticide. Thanks to the policy, the sex ratio in China is terribly. For every 112 boys born, there are around 100 girls. These statistics are disturbing if one takes a closer look.   

Moreover, it impacted the single child as well. For, the absence of a sibling can do more harm than one knows. These children wouldn’t trust anyone, had a negative outlook towards life and were more prone to a lot of diseases. So, it was an added confirmation of the rumour of breeding emperors in China. After all, a single child is a pampered child.

Though, the policy wasn’t being rigorously implemented in the last few years, the scrapping of still comes as good news. Couple of years ago, the government had allowed people who had been an only child to have two children. Also, back in 2007, if a girl child was born, families were allowed a second child. Also, Tibetan Chinese aren’t restricted. They can give birth to as many children as they want. Also, while the policy has been officially scrapped just now, China had allowed people of child bearing age to have 2 babies a while ago.  

Also, does the policy add pressure on those couples who don’t want more than one child? Everyone is now awaiting the future to see if China experiences a considerable increase in the number of babies. The last few announcements have absolutely had no effect on the birth rate and this one might just be the same.

Just because the Government allowed it, doesn’t mean the people can suddenly afford it. Often, it can lead to no result at all because of inflation. Raising a child is expensive and hence, it is best that one doesn’t spread beyond their pockets. The economic situation needs to improve if the government wants its people to have more babies.  

If this policy will serve the purpose of the Government, is completely unknown and one can only wait and watch. Logically, it doesn’t look like a lot is going to come out of it.

In fact, even though the policy had begun forcefully, the Chinese seem to support it at present. Moreover, these babies may not be of much use during the crisis because they are…err…babies?

Everyone definitely has eyes glued to China for the next few years. Everyone wants to see what drastic social, political, economic and scientific changes such decision will bring. The news has spread, the fire ignited and now, everyone is looking up at the origin of the news and waiting for the reaction. A lot of experts have recommendations and ideas but the party stuck to its decision and the world is waiting to see what happens next….

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