Cats Meow, Yes, But Why?

This is one question that resonates in everyone’s mind, especially the ones who own a cat. It is a very intriguing subject and everyone apparently wants to know about the reason why their cat meows. There are times when your cat appears on your sleeping face meowing and this is the time when you feel the need to understand the emotion behind this meow.

Every cat meows and they have something running in mind while they do it. It is a very interesting subject and many scholars have been making a thorough study regarding the same. These meows are categorized into hissing, splitting, growling and high pitched screaming, so the category of meow chosen by the cat depends on its mood and action. Some of the meow sounds are self explanatory but the others are very hard to interpret. The plain odd meow can be very confusing to the mind of a human.

Cats Meow, Yes, But Why?

Most of the experts believe that cats meow at humans because they are in need of something and that meowing gets their work done. Yes, we can agree on this concept totally. Meowing works incredibly well but why does it work?

The experts have pointed out the very nature of meow and that humans associate it with the infant cry which sounds similar. Therefore, it is quite understandable that when cats want something, they tend to meow rather than scream or cry out loud. Cats have learned to meow majorly to request things to their owners and it makes meowing a very interesting concept indeed.

Cats are known to meow at different frequencies, pitches, tones and volumes. The nature of a meow always depends on the gravity of the need. The meow that is endorsed by the cat at the bedtime is totally different to that of the meow when the cat is in need of food. The intensity of the meow is directly proportional to the anxiety of the cat regarding her needs.

In order to understand the difference between several meows, you need to listen to two separate cats meowing. The voice of two different cats never sounds the same and the difference can be created by their personalities. There is no explanation that the human cat interaction influences the way cats meow in certain situations. To some of the cats, it’s no less than a satisfaction when they learn how to meow.

It becomes a headache for some of the owners when the meows become more regular and the cats become more possessive and repetitive. This behavior can be dealt with patience and experience. Another option is to take the cat to a veterinarian and ask if there is any problem it is suffering from. When the doctor confirms that there is no disease or problem that the cat is stuck with, it is better to just ignore the repeated meows.

Most of the cats that meow are not affected by any pathogens or problems. It is their very nature of meow and this is why we love them.

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