British Artist has Created a Sea Wonder: Beautiful Sculpture City under the Sea off Mexico

You might have seen art at its very best, but this is something extra-ordinary. Jason deCaires Taylor has done something that is hard for ears to believe. He has revealed his latest work at the Museo Subacuatio de Arte in Cancun, Mexico. His sculptures also feature the heads of the hosts of an American TV news show. This is not the first time that he is shocking the entire world by his talent. Previously, he had created a virtual city of Atlantis under the sea that also included the submerging of the sculpture of Volkswagen Beetle and also a house.  The British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor has marked his excellence in his new work as well. He always sends a message through his sculptures and this time too, he has tried to convey a serious and strong message through his sub-aquatic art.

British Artist has Created a Sea Wonder: Beautiful Sculpture City under the Sea off Mexico

This 39 year old English artist has revealed his new work, which is in the form of sub aquatic museum that he had found in 2009 at the Cancun Coast of Mexico. This work is unique and interesting for many reasons than not. It has the cemented heads of American TV show anchors submerged. His works have given a strong message regarding the destruction of marine life. With the growing industrialization and urbanization, we are forgetting the roots and in this way, hampering the natural environment we are blessed with. Hence, the 39 year old artist has given an appropriate message with his new work.

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Out of many sculptures that he has developed, one of them is called No Turning Back, which is actually a cement cast of a woman. This sculpture symbolizes the loss of Caribbean coral reefs. The figure of the woman has been portrayed as the burning figure that is in pain on the devastation of coral reeves in the Caribbean. This sculpture has been taken as a political protest against the destruction of natural habitat. The woman in the cement cast looks like she has put herself on fire protesting against the odds.  It sends a spine chilling message to the people around the world.

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His work has been complimented with black pH neutral marine cement. Stainless steel pipes are also used along with the cement. The artist said in an interview that he will stage his work as a platform to protest against the destruction of natural habitat that is caused in the recent times. He said that it is a good platform to protest and if people will appreciate his work, they will also pay a deep attention to the message which is being conveyed. This will, according to him will bring a good change to this world.

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The artist seemed to be quite concerned about future generations and commented that if the situation does not improve, our future generations will not be able to experience the natural habitat in the way we do. The beautiful coral reeves represent the beauty of the nature and if they are destroyed at a phenomenal rate, our future generations will not be able to experience a pristine experience.

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His works does not constitute only of sad figures but he has balanced it with some hopeful figures too. These hopeful figures are used in his work in order to inspire people for doing good deeds. Another of his beautiful work constitutes of a sculpture, Resurrection. It’s an angel resembling figure that has been constructed using purple Gorgonian fan coral, that has been rescued after being moved by the reef system and that had been damaged due to the storm that took place recently.

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The museum is marked by strong currents and therefore it was difficult for the artist to move his figures into the water. Hence, a crane was used to take these sculptures into a nearby canal and then they were towed into the museum site.

When asked, the talented artist recalled that the making of these sculptures required a high level of expertise and there were more delicate than most of his previous works. Hence, working these sculptures out was not an easy task and he had to undergo the construction with tough conditions. Before submerging these figures, the artist had to stuff these sculptures into crates and then push them underwater. It is evident that removing crates underwater is an extremely challenging task.

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The artist has located 510 sculptures on to the site. They have been permanently placed on the museum site. This is his final call for the work as he is planning to move back to the Europe. This museum has already got a huge publicity and the result is that every year there are around 250,000 visitors to the site. The 39 year old artist is now eyeing on a funding that would enable him to extend his sculpture figure to 8000. If this happens, he will create a record as it will be more than the Terracotta Army.

When interviewed, the artist recalled that he loved working in Mexico and it is sad leaving back to his own country. He seemed to be happy about the work and said that he would love to see these sculptures over a period of time and that his daughter can visit this museum after 20 years or so and these figures would still be afloat the water and she can enjoy the beauty of the work.

The works of Jason deCaires Taylor have always been unique and his past works include the construction of a life version of Volkswagen Beetle and an underwater house. He is undoubtedly one of the finest artists the world has at the moment and he keeps enlightening souls with the beauty of his work.

Credit : (Jason deCaires Taylor)


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