Bizarre Body Modifications In Different Cultures

Every country boasts a particular culture and within that country, there are some communities that reflect a different culture within the society. These cultures give way to weird and bizarre modifications. Some people sport such body modifications in order to follow in the steps of their forefathers, while some do it for fun and fashion. Here is the list of the most bizarre body modifications in different cultures:


1. Extraocular implant

This is the most dangerous and bizarre body modification that people go through. It requires the person to implant jewelry on the outer layer of the eye. Since, eye is one of the most delicate human possessions, this modification takes a lot of expertise to perform and hence, it is quite dangerous. It was first done in Netherlands and now it has started spreading the air in US as well. According to a Corneal Surgeon at Philadelphia’s Wills Eye Hospital, this surgery is quite dangerous where the surface layer of the eye is cut open to put the jewelry in. There is a big probability of the infection to creep in. Hence, this body modification stays on the top of our list for being bizarre and dangerous at the same time.

Extraocular implant


2. An@l Stretching

Well, this might sound hugely weird and it certainly is. This requires the person to insert a device/tool inside the an@l path and keep it intact for a long time. After a period of time, the anal size increases. This stretching is known as an@l stretching and rests on the second spot in our list of bizarre body modifications.


3. Corneal Tattooing:

This is a very old cultural body modification that has been in existence from 19th century. This tattooing was earlier used to rectify the defects that were found in the blind eyes. The procedure of corneal tattooing requires the use of a needle or a syringe that makes it even more complicated and bizarre. The eye is kept open while a regular tattoo is being inserted inside the eye ball.

Corneal Tattooing


4. Pearling

This is a method of permanently inserting beads of different sizes inside the skin of genitals and also to the foreskin of the pen!s. This body modification is as horrible as it sounds. This is usually done in order to elevate the sexu@l pleasure level of the partners. This is quite common across various countries and is frequent in practice. However, it remains intact in our list for being a bizarre body modification.


5. Tongue splitting

Tongue splitting refers to the bifurcation of tongue where it is cut from the center and bifurcated. It is usually done with the use of scalpeling and surgical laser. This method takes a lot of patience from the person’s end and it is a hard on process that advocates a lot of pain and suffering. Hence, the person has to be headstrong while going for this body modification.

Tongue splitting


6. Earlobe stretching

Earlobe stretching is one of the most common and bizarre practice performed by individuals. Earlobe stretching requires the person to insert a jewelry that extends the size of the year up to ¼’’. However, there is no guarantee of the stretching during this practice. It is a very big decision to take as it leaves the ear in an imbalanced permanent shape forever. The ear hole cannot be closed again and therefore, the decision about earlobe stretching must be taken with utmost care.

Earlobe stretching


7. Subdermal implant

Subdermal implant is a new and unique body modification which requires the person to insert jewelry inside the body. It creates a raised outlook on the skin which is attractive for some people. Such implants can be also done in order to create dramatic effects on the body. However, this practice is not considered to be safe at all by the medical experts and there are higher chances of the person suffering from probable infection.

Subdermal implant

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