Big Cat Liger, The world's biggest cat

The Liger is a hybrid cross between a male lion and a female Tiger. It has it’s parents from the same genus but of different species. It is known to be one of the dangerous cat across the globe. Liger cat enjoy swimming and is ¬†characteristics of tigers and are quite sociable like lions. They typically grow larger than either parent species. These Ligers were there in existence since 19 century. A good big lion nearly weighs at least 400 lb and if talk about Liger, it has not less than weight of 467 lb and are highly superior then grown up lions.


This animal involves faint striping and in its characteristics, exhibits strong traces of its both parents. It has its head like the lion and a tail is more like a tiger. Moreover has a huge and a strong beast.


This hybrid can be obtained by crossing a lion with a tigress. It is believed that ligers continue to grow through out their lives, but it is completely a wrong belief. Actually, they simply grow far more during their growing years and take a long time in order to reach their full size. Further growth in shoulders and body length can not be seen until six years same as in lions and tigers. It is quite healthy and expects a quite long and durable life. The markings on these cats body are generally in black, brown, golden and sandy colors.


The background colors are normally tawny, sandy and golden. Just like tigers, these ligers also got pale under parts. Their actual pattern and color truly depends upon the subspecies of parents.
There are also white pale golden ligers which are produced after crossing white tigers with lions. These ligers are really dangerous and it can attack anytime.


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