Beware of the Dino’s Creepy Eyes

The easiest of all illusions is the one that is the most confusing. Such an illusion is usually named as the “Hollow Face Illusion” which is purley based on human psyche. It can foresee a concave face as convex. For those who do not know, Concave is the pushed-in face and convex is the pushed-out variant. You may take a walk with similar face and the brain will remain untinted about its concavity. However, the eyes will not leave you; they will follow you blindly everywhere you go.


Brusspup, the popular video illusionist has improvised one of the most popular illusions of all time. This illusion is usually called “Gatherings for Gardner” and it was launched by paying homage to legendary scientific American puzzle maven named Martin Gardner.  This illusion has been given a slight personal change from Brusspup. He has twisted the dragon and turned it into a T-Rex. He then supersized him and taped it with an unnerving effect. This effect seems to be making rounds at the media and people are craving to see it with their own naked eyes. The personal twist to the legendary illusion seems to have worked for Brusspup.

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