Best Vintage Bikes and Brands of All Time

Motorcycles have a certain craze associated with it. Just like stars are flocked by their fans worldwide with their movies being eagerly anticipated, so do many bikes have the same madness associated with it. People love to take a look at the latest, modern, shiny, trendy, powerful two wheeler in town and many of us gladly do double takes when an unusually classy car passes by. What would be even better would be the chance to own that vehicle, to experience the soft smooth handle in our palms, to gently accelerate the bike after giving it a mighty kick to start it. The throttle, the clutch, the silencer, there’s nothing that stays aloof from us when it comes to motor cycles. Such is our passion and relation with them.

Vintage Bikes

What would make this passion boil over even further? Seems sort of impossible, but have you taken a look at the best of the vintage bikes? The retro out of fashion yet in fashion look attracts the envious gaze and admirable gasps of almost everyone. Even non-bike lovers would admit to be awed by it. There’s something very attractive about a vintage bike. One can’t really put a finger to it, but the magnet is there none the less. Let’s try and take a look at a few of the vintage motor cycles.

Royal Enfield Bullet:

Engine Type Single Cylinder, 4 stroke

Displacement 499cc

Maximum Power 27.2 bhp @ 5250 rpm

Maximum Torque 41.3 Nm @ 4000 rpm

Gearbox 5 Speed Constant Mesh

Fuel Supply Keihin Electronic Fuel Injection

Air Cleaner Paper Element

Engine Start Electric/Kick

Initially sold in England, the production in UK stopped, but these bikes continue to be manufactured and sold in India. These are extremely popular in India and at times are even a symbol of status.

Royal Enfield Bullet

Royal Enfield Bullet Royal Enfield Bullet

Yamaha RX100

Successor RXG, RX-135, RXZ

Engine 98 cc 2-stroke reed valve, air-cooled, single-cylinder gasoline

Top speed 120/kmph

Transmission   4-speed constant mesh, multiplate clutch

The Yamaha RX100 was launched in late 1985. These bikes also were popular in India, and the production continued till 1996.

Yamaha RX100 Yamaha RX100 Yamaha RX100

Brough Superior SS100:

This bike was renowned as one of the best (perhaps the very best) of Brough Superior’s bikes. These were customized to meet the needs and requirements of every customer individually. Brough even advertised it as “Rolls Royce of Motorcycles”.

Engine 998 cc (60.9 cu in) air cooled OHV 50 degree V-twin

Power 45 bhp (34 kW) @ 5000 rpm

Transmission 3-speed, hand-change gearbox


Engine 898 cc Four-stroke, two-cylinder, horizontally opposed “Boxer”, air-cooled[1]

Top speed 200 km/h (120 mph)

Power 67 hp (50 kW)

Torque 76 N·m (56 lbf·ft)

Transmission 5-speed, shaft drive

Weight 215 kg (470 lb) (wet)

Fuel capacity 24 l

This was one awesome ride ever, and one of the first super bikes to be manufactured. It’s production lasted from 1973–1976 only.

Brough Superior SS100 Brough Superior SS100 Brough Superior SS100

Triumph Bonneville:

It’s the classic English vintage motorcycle ever. Plus it’s not very costly these days too. Another version of this motorcycle started from 2001 due to its popularity which is a completely redesigned and re-engineered evolution of the original design. Although its initial production was in 1950’s, the evolved version carries on until now.

Engine Four-stroke parallel twin

Transmission 4-speed (later 5-speed)

Triumph Bonneville Triumph Bonneville

Although some of the motor cycles on this list are really hard to come across (and even harder to purchase), there are other bikes which are made now-a-days to look vintage because of vintage popularity. There are many manufacturers who produce amazing vintage bikes at quit an affordable price. Some of the brands are:

Honda – 1966 Honda “Black Bomber”

1966 Honda “Black Bomber”

Indian motorcycles

Indian motorcycles

Triumph – Triumph 3HW Classic

Triumph 3HW Classic



BMW – 1963 BMW R60/2

1963 BMW R60/2

Kawasaki Avenger A7

Kawasaki Avenger A7

Brough Superior

Brough Superior

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield

Try looking through some of the bikes by these world class automobile manufacturers, and you might find yourself impresses and amazed beyond your limits.

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