Best Animes Ever (Part 2)

Animes are the heart and soul of many (including us). Thankfully there are many animes already out there with new exciting and exotic animes being released every year. Continuing on with our top ten animes, let’s check out the top five of these.

5) Naruto :

Ninjas are so awesome that almost everyone at some point in their lives must have dreamed of being a ninja. And an anime based on ninjas and their hidden arts is obviously a pure win. Throw in some really crazy (or cool, which ever way you see) characters and an insane plot-line, and you have got yourself a recipe for success. Naruto is exactly this – an awesome dose of crazy characters with a wacky plot-line and an even wackier protagonist. Naruto is one of the most loved anime of all times, and it has a splendid dose of action, ninja and humor.


4) One Piece :

Pirates all the way, ahoy! One Piece has an interesting take on the pirates. The main protagonist in an elastic guy, and his crew memebers include a fighter cook, an impossible swordsman and a shrewd navigator. Together they sail the seas encountering one adventure after the other. The series has quite a nice touch of humor, action and adventure.

One Piece

3) Full Metal Alchemist-Brotherhood :

It’s a remake of Full Metal Alchemist but Brotherhood is more true to the manga then the last anime. This anime puts heavy emphasis on relations, siblings, friends and human values and morals. Along with these amazing elements, it has an unmatched story to boot with amazing characters. This series has lots of comedy, action and values integrated together creating a legend among the animes. There are lots of battles, with magic, that is alchemy being the major focus.

Full Metal Alchemist-Brotherhood

2) Code Geass :

Even the mightiest of all the praises are not enough to glorify this anime! It’s the master piece of all time, the timeless, priceless anime ever made. Lelouch, the main character, plays the role of both the villain and the hero. And he has got super powers too; the ability to control a person completely once. And his other super power is his ingenious thinking. Aside from Lelouch, there are many fabulous characters and the plotline is gripping and enticing to the very end. With lots of cliff hangers, action, adventure, battles, this is the best out there.

Code Geass

1) Fairy Tail :

This is the best series out there ever. So creative, so funky, so dynamic, so magical, so catchy, so hooking, and the list goes on. When it comes to magic, Fairy Tail has it all. It has amazingly lovable characters with the most stunning plot ever. From dragons to dragon slayers, this anime has got it all. The four main protagonists have every desirable quality and this anime is hardly lacking in any environment, be it action, adventure, battle, magic, swords, humor, jokes or craziness. No one must ever miss a chance to watch this anime at least once; it’s worth a lot. Fairy Tail is an anime that will go on to become a legend among animes.

Fairy Tail

There are lots of amazing animes but these ten are the best even among the best of the animes. The animes listed here cover a lot of genre and categories and are widely popular too. It’s time now to grab your popcorn, make yourself comfy and get down to some series anime business with these legendary titles of all times.

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