Be Ready To Play "Age Of Empires", Xbox and Microsoft PC Games On your iPhone and Android Phones

The legacy of games like “Age of Empires” and others have shifted to the iPhone and android phones now. The fans of such games will be able to play them on Android phones and iPhone’s. This move has come out to rescue the serious gamers who always wanted to play their favorite games on the mobile. The decision has been taken by US based software company, Microsoft. It has entered into a contract with the Japanese game developer Klab Inc.

The spokesman of Nikkei, a Japanese news site has revealed that games like Microsoft’s Age of Empires and others will be available to the Smartphone users by the end of this year. The best part about the move is that the games will be available free of cost.  It could not be better deal for the gaming buffs. Microsoft had always focused its attention on consoles and never dived into the smartphone world. The growing popularity of smartphones and iPhone’s have itched Microsoft to take this step. It will prove to be turning point for the fortunes of Microsoft.

Age Of Empires


Gamers are more attracted to smartphones because of the ease they offer during play. However, there is a serious competition offered by the new consoles launched this season like Playstation 4 and Xbox One, but the needle of advantage moves towards the smartphones. The gamers that make use of mobile for playing games will be benefited immensely by the decision taken by Microsoft. Another advantage to this situation is that the gamers will get an ample of games for free. The cost of cloud computing is very low and this is another reason why people prefer playing games on their mobile rather than using consoles.

The international smartphone gaming market is expected to double up this season and will account to the value of 1.6 Trillion Yen by the end of 2017. On the other hand, consoles are getting depleted every year and their sales have gone down by 20 percent according to market reports. It will not be long when we will see consoles getting completely extinct from the market.

The market experts hold the opinion that Microsoft’s move will revolutionize the whole gaming industry and could prove to be a turning point for smartphone gaming world. The prime focus of Microsoft had always been on the consoles and a sudden shift in the preference of Microsoft will affect the Smartphone gaming industry to good effect. The news has gone viral that Age of Empires will be now available free by the end of this fiscal year. It is considered to be a lucrative and smart step taken by Microsoft as it will enhance the sales of its Windows based phones too.

Xbox Games Android Phones

Windows phones are registering a very bad performance in the Smartphone market at the moment and they need uplift in order to compete with the likes of Android and iOS. This uplift is provided by the decision of Microsoft to join hands with giants of gaming industry in order to provide gaming services to the mobile users. This will also affect the market status and proposition of Windows based phones.

A stiff competition is offered by Xbox One that will go on sale at 499 USD. It will have a great new look and will sport a slim design, slimmer than before.

Xbox One will comprise of a sensitive Kinect sensor that will allow the users to play games with the help of hand gestures. The voice recognition has also been upgraded, giving Xbox One a completely new and revolutionized look. An ample of new games will be featured in this console.

The credibility of Xbox One will be high but the decision taken by Microsoft about entering into ties with gaming industry in order to provide services to Smartphone users will affect the market of consoles by a great deal.

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