Meningitis has remained to be a serious concern among the Brits over the years and many children are suffering from this disease. Little Amber Travers aged two years when she was stuck up with meningitis and almost died due to it. She was kept in the intensive care unit of the hospital where doctors made a shocking decision to remove her legs in order to save her life.

Three years have passed from that stage and Amber is now five years old and the youngest to appear for the photographs taken to spread awareness about Meningitis. Amber Travers and her sister feature in the pictures of the campaign running for Meningitis Now and Meningitis Research Foundation. Amber could not resist the disease and she was truck with it at a young age of 2 years. She hails from Liverpool and walks using prosthetic limbs that were attached to her body in the last autumn.

Awareness And Knowledge Can Beat Meningitis: Pictures Of Children Suffering from Meningitis Released

The pictures of these children have been captured by an Australian photographer Anne Geddes who is a fundamental part of the campaign to raise awareness about the disease. She has now become very popular for her images with babies in flower pots. This awareness program is run by charities including the likes of Meningitis Now and the Meningitis Research Foundation. As many as 3,400 Brits get infected with meningitis each year and most of them among the patients are the teenagers and children. 1 out of the 10 people facing meningitis die but the others is left with lifelong problems like amputated limbs, deafness and other disabilities.

Another child Ellie May Challis was stuck with the disease when she was barely 16 months old. She was clicked in the picture with her sister Sophie. The disease is caused by the infection of meninges cells in the brain and also in the spinal cord. It ultimately results in the poisoning of blood. The symptoms of the disease include severe headache, fever, puking, blotchy skin and also cold hands/feet.

Awareness And Knowledge Can Beat Meningitis: Pictures Of Children Suffering from Meningitis Released

On the other hand, viral meningitis is more common of all but it is not so serious. Another child that appears in the pictures is Harvey Parry who suffered the disease at a tender age of 1. Harvey had to lose his right hand due to the disease.

Anne Geddes who pictured all these children published these snaps online on 24 April. The photographs were published deliberately on 24 April since it is the “World Meningitis Awareness Day”. Anne is herself a mother and also a deep lover of children. She wants to spread the awakening among the parents in order to identify meningitis and protect their children from miseries caused by the disease. She added that only by looking at the conditions of Amber, Ellie and Harvey you can understand the gravity of this disease. It can prove to be a nightmare if your child suffers from a similar disease.

Awareness And Knowledge Can Beat Meningitis: Pictures Of Children Suffering from Meningitis Released

In an interview with the mother of Amber which was conducted in 2011, she stated that she never wanted Amber to feel any different to the others. She never wanted her to get the feeling of not able to accomplish the things that she always liked. Vicky, the mother of Amber further added that she could have easily lost her daughter but the surgery was responsible to save her life from this deadly disease. She is proud of her child and happy that her life is saved now. She also acknowledges the fact that if the story is told to several people in the world, Meningitis can be fought out.

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