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Protecting premium video content on OTT platforms through dynamic watermarking

Watermarking videos available as OTT content with digital watermarks is becoming increasingly popular as a direct approach to provide an extra degree of security alongside the digital rights management (DRM) technology. While watermarks are simple to insert in video frames...


Detailed Guide To GRE Exam Eligibility for 2022

GRE's eligibility criteria are somewhat flexible, graduate schools are generally interested in students who want to pursue a post-graduate or doctoral degree. Read more. Let's first start by understanding what GRE actually is. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a...


Forex Algorithmic Strategies

The central concept of using an algorithmic trading strategy is to cut human emotions out of your trades as much as possible. It takes away all the greed, fear, and other emotions that negatively affect your trading career. A simple...


What are Industrial Friction Materials?

Industrial friction materials are products used to reduce or eliminate friction between moving surfaces. Friction refers to the force that resists the relative motion of solid surfaces, fluids, or gases in contact with each other. In general terms, there are...

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