Apple iPhone 6 May Roll Out as soon as in May

Apple is looking to capitalize on the super success of its recently launched iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. They were launched as the branches of iPhone 5. At the launch of these phones, there were speculations that Apple will not delay the launch of its new device, iPhone 6 in the market. It is riding high on success and there cannot be a better time to launch its next version of iPhone.

There were rumors about the launch of iPhone 6 in the year 2014 but not about May 2014. According to the new reports that have been received by market experts, Apple will roll its new iPhone 6 in May 2014. It is expected to be an early release according to the critics. Digitimes has confirmed the rumors of iPhone 6 to be rolled out in May 2014. The processor used in iPhone 6 will be manufactured by a Taiwanese company. The detailed description about the device has not yet been received but some phone specs have been railed out in open.

According to the reports, iPhone 6 will possess a screen size of 5 inches which is actually bigger than its current iPhones. However, this screen size is in no mood to compete with the likes of Phablets. Releasing a device with bigger display could turn out to be a favored move for Apple since there was a huge demand of big screen smartphones in the market. The market experts can smell a competition that Apple is intending to pose its rival company Samsung. The South Korean company launched Phablet Galaxy Note in the year 2012 and the decision taken by Apple seems to be inspired by the same.

Apple iPhone 6 May Roll Out as soon as in May

The release of the new version of iPhone is quite close to its last release of iPhone 5 and most of the tech pundits are not able to digest this rumor. However, nothing has been confirmed from the company yet. Digitimes sources have not only revealed the release date of the new iPhone 6 but also claimed the launch of 12.9 inch “iPad Pro” that will head towards the educational industry of North America. The trend of digital education in America has inspired Apple to work on this tablet and it might turn out to be a very profitable move for the company. This iPad is likely to launch in the market in October 2014.

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