Apple iPhone 5s Review (Features, Price & Specifications Inside)

There were an ample of rumors surrounding the new Apple iPhone 5S, and finally it has seen the light of the day. It is simply the most anticipated phone of the year mostly because of the success enjoyed by iPhone 5 as well as the publicity done by Apple for the same. Apple fans have come to a delight with the introduction and release of iPhone 5S. According to the reports, this phone will come out to be stronger than the likes of Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z in many ways than not.

The rumors have always been a close friend of iPhone 5S, but everyone was waiting for the actual release of this phone. Finally, the most awaited phone of the season is out for purchase and it has sprinkled a wave of excitement among the fans of Apple.

Here are some of the features that the new iPhone 5S possesses:

iPhone 5s Design

The design of this phone is strikingly similar to  its predecessors. However, there are some updated improvements in the design of this phone. The newest design will only be sported in the iPhone 6 and the prior variants are not expected to receive any hardware upgrades.

iPhone 5s Design


iPhone 5s Screen

iPhone 5S is expected to possess a resolution notches higher than its predecessor. The screen size, however remains to be the same for this iPhone. It would be 4 inches with LCD display and It would sport a resolution of 1136*640 pixels at large.  The pixel density of this device would be 326 ppi. According to the previously leaked rumors it was expected that Apple will release the same iPhone 5S product in three different sizes. However, these claims were dismissed when iPhone 5S was introduced to the market.

iPhone 5s Screen

Apple has never followed this strategy of producing a single phone in several different sizes and this time too, it sticks to the originality. iPhone 5S would possess display panels made of IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide). It would reduce the thickness of iPhone 5S further and the display of the device would outshine that of iPhone 5.


Processor and Memory

The news is rolling out that Apple iPhone 5S will sport A-7 chip in the CPU of the device which will enhance the performance of the device by 40 times. This is one reason why the new iPhone 5S has created a wave of anxiety among the Apple lovers.

The internal storage of this iPhone is commendable and comes with the variants of 16.32 and 64 GB. However, the only shortcoming in this phone is that of the unavailability of the micro SD card slot which prevents the user from expanding the memory.


The snapping capacity of this device has been upgraded notches higher. It would sport a resolution of 13 MP instead of 8 MP. The count of pixels has been increased by the company. The 2/2 aperture aids to the quality and brightness of the pictures. Another stunning feature of the device is its dual LED flash that enables the user to take incredible pictures even in the dark moment. This dual LED flash is not a normal flash by any standards. This feature stands the camera of this device apart from the other devices available in the market.


The video recording in this phone is done on 1080 pixels. The ability to shoot a 120 fps slow motion video sets this phone a class apart. The brilliant and clean images produced by the camera of this phone are commendable. It also contains the zooming feature that is embedded in its video recording option.

Release Date

Apple has always stood apart from its competitors by being precise about the dates of its product launch. This time too, they have not disappointed. The Apple iPhone 5S will go on a pre sale on September 13 and the release date has been decided to be September 20th.


The iPhone 5S costs as low as 199 USD for a  16 GB variant, 299 USD for the 32 GB variant and 399 USD for a 64 GB variant. This device will be available with AT&T, Sprint and Verizon at 649 for 16GB, 749 USD for 32 GB and 849 USD for 64 GB respectively. All these companies are known not to offer any contract to the iPhone 5S users. The price of iPhone 5S is very competitive and sets it apart from the other devices available in the market at the same price.

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