Apple iPhone 5c Review (Features, Price & Specifications)

After a super long wait and anticipation, iPhone 5C is finally out in the market. The rumors that were surrounding this smartphone weeks ago were absolutely correct as iPhone 5C possesses the same features as anticipated by the experts in the form of rumors. It is the cheaper version of an iPhone. Despite the rumors concerning this phone, it seems to be giving a whole lot of surprises to the customers. It is aimed at the mid range user segment. iPhone 5C is very popular in the market currently, majorly due to its competitive pricing and also because of its stunning features.

Here are some of the features that are sported by the device:

iPhone 5c Design

With the introduction of iPhone 5C, Apple has taken a very interesting step in terms of its policy concerning new iPhones. The shape, size and button placement scheme has not diverted from its predecessors by much greater degree but materials used in the structure build-up of the phone differentiate it from the rest of the Apple devices.

iPhone 5c Design

The back side of iPhone 5C is made with a hard coated polycarbonate. The glossy plastic that is normally used in the production of iPhones is not taken in use anymore. The polycarbonate hard coating has several advantages to its sleeve.

iPhone 5c Display

Apple iPhone 5C comes with a 4 inch screen that is pocket friendly, apart from being budget friendly. It is easy to handle in a palm and the favorable dimensions enable the user to love this iPhone even more. There are no doubts about the quality of this phone’s display. A resolution of 640*1136 is offered by the iPhone 5C.

iPhone 5c Display

It gives a sharp and detailed display to the users. However, the screen of this device is not as sharp as the 1080 pixel screens that are prevailing dominantly in the market currently, but it gives way for a beautiful display.

Processor, Memory, Connectivity

The Apple 5’s hardware has been taken as inspiration and installed in this version of iPhone as well. The home frown A6 system on chip is used in iPhone 5C. This system is capable of operating IOS very smoothly. The battery consumed with the help of such chip is minimum. It delivers a flawless performance for the users. However, the graphic potential of this phone will not be as good as the other variants of iPhone.


The biggest shortcoming of iPhone 5C is that it does not come with the option of increasing on board space on the device. The base model of iPhone 5C possesses a memory space of 16 GB without the options for expanding the memory. However, the 32 GB variant is available for those who like to have an extra space in their device. The latter will be priced at 100 USD more.

iPhone 5C will be compatible with almost all the LTE networks available in the market. In fact, this is one of the only smartphones that would support all the LTE brands across the world. While travelling abroad too, the user can enjoy lightening fast speeds of the LTE networks.

iPhone 5c Camera

The snapping capacity of iPhone 5C is not as good as its predecessors and other Apple iPhones. It possesses a camera with snapping capacity of 8 Megapixels. This capacity is enough to click stunning pictures, so the regular Apple user will not find any frustration while using this device. The camera of this device also consists of 5-element lens, BSI sensor and everything that is required for the functioning of a mid range smartphone. The user will definitely not be disappointed with the performance of the camera provided in this device. The front camera of this device is even better than the other versions of iPhone.


It will be equipped with 1.9 micron pixels which will provide a high definition picture quality. It also implies that iPhone 5C will be effective in low light conditions. A candle light brightness in the surrounding is enough for this phone to capture beautiful moments on the device.

Price, Release Date, Expectations

The iPhone 5C is certainly cheaper than the other iPhones available in the market. The price of this phone is set up at 549 USD for the basic version. It is directed for the mid range user segment. When a person signs a contract with the US based carriers, its price comes down to 99 USD for the 16 GB version and 199 USD for the 32 GB version.

The release date for this phone has been decided by Apple to be September 20. Countries like US, Canada, China, France, Germany, UK, Japan, and Singapore will get this device on September 20. Since, Apple has always promised its users of a specific date for the launch of its devices, it has repeated the legacy this time too with the release of iPhone 5C.

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