Animal Facts : Interesting facts about dogs

Do you have a dog at your home? Most of us will say yes, as it is actually an ideal pet. Below are some interesting facts related to dogs which I am sure all of you want to read. So, come lets read them.

Interesting facts about dogs

1- It is a real myth that dogs got color blindness, they actually can see colors. They have better low light vision because of special light reflecting layer which is there in their retina.

2- if not des*xualize to multiple dogs after short period of time then a female dog, along with his female children can produce 66,000 dogs in 6 years. Moreover, a dog with one year old age is as mature physically as a 15 years human.

3- Dog’s nose prints are as unique as human’s fingerprints and on the basis of these prints, one can easily identify them.

Dog's nose prints

4- Like humans, dogs also have prostates but do not have appendix, 321 bones and 42 permanent teeth. Dog’s smelling and hearing power is 100,000 more stronger than humans, but their eyesight is not too keen as humans.

5- Dogs predict things firstly by movements, then by their brightness and in last by their shape.

6- Chocolates are actually harmful for dogs as they contain substance named theobromine which can  reduce the lifespan of dogs and even can make them strongly ill.

7- A dog’s heart beats up to 120 times a minute which is near about 50% faster than an average human heart beat which is 80 times a minute. Dogs live an average life of 15 years. They have sweat glands in their paw pads.

8- The shoulder blades of dogs are unattached to the rest of skeleton in order to enable huge flexibility for running.

9- Female dogs sometimes reject their babies if they are born with cesarean and if they are cleaned up before giving back to her. The shape of the dog’s face do matters a lot in their life span as dogs with pointed faces, live long whereas dogs with flat faces, got shorter lives.

10- A pup when born is blind, deaf and toothless as well. Touch is the first sense which a pup develops. Its entire body including paws is wrapped with touch sensitive nerves.

Interesting facts about dogs

11- Dogs are as smart as a 3 year old human baby. It can understand signals, hand movements. Moreover, never kick a dog facing you as a dog can bite ten times faster before a person can act.

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