There are several thousands of species of sharks ranging in sizes starting from 10 inches to over 50 feet. Sharks have violent reputation and an amazing biology. Here, in this edition, we will explore ten new things which will define sharks. These are some of the facts which someone of you know while others do not. So, come lets read about them.

facts about Sharks

1- Sharks are cartilaginous :-

The term cartilaginous means the structure of sharks are formed of cartilage and nor any bones are included. Sharks cannot change shape or fold inside their body. Although, sharks do not have bony skeleton like other fish but still they are categorized under vertebrates species.

2. 400 species of sharks.

 As mentioned above that sharks comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and even vary in colors. Sharks can reach the maximum length of 59 feet.

3. Sharks have rows of teeth.

 The teeth of sharks do not have roots and thus they usually fall after a week. Sharks have replacement prepared in rows and it takes just a day for new teeth to come to take the older one’s place. They have five to 15 rows of teeth in a single jaw. Most sharks have five rows.

4. Sharks do not have scales.

Sharks have tough skin which is covered by Dermal denticles which actually are small plates which are quite same as present on our teeth.

5. The skin of shark

Most weird things can be found in sharks such as nail, wine bottle, coats and torpedo. Skin of shark is covered with denticles which you can also say razor sharp teeth which can be removed as well. The skin of shark is so hard and tough that pair of shoes made of shark’s leather is four times better than cowhide.

6. Sharks have great senses

Sharks have great senses and a remarkable sensitivity to vibrations present in water. They can even feel the movement of animals which are near about 100 feet away from them.

Sharks have great senses

7. Shark give birth 12 babies at a time

Mostly sharks give birth to their young ones only some of them lay eggs.  At a time, sharks give birth to near about 12 babies

8. Sharks can swim up to 40 miles

Sharks can swim up to 40 miles and they have been recorded at more than 60 miles per hour. An average shark weighs about 90,000 pounds and about 40 feet long.

9. Shark weighs more than 1800 pounds

VIT A comes from shark’s liver oil and an average basking shark weighs more than 1800 pounds can do have capacity to hold 600 gallons of liver oil. In a shark’s body,liver is the largest organ, it is near about 25% of its total body.

10. Sharks eat 11 tons of food every year

Do you know that great white sharks eat 11 tons of food every year. As compare to human being, it is quite a high figure as a human being only a half ton food every year.

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