Animal Facts : 10 Interesting Facts About Elephants

Elephants are the big part of rich culture and form a part of religious beliefs. There are 170 known fossil elephant species on the earth except Australia and Antarctica but still there are people who do not even know the normal range of elephants and are unaware of interesting facts related to them. Below mentioned points will provide you an overview of  these interesting facts.

Interesting Facts About Elephants

1- Elephants are known for their really sharp memory and are presently the largest animal that lives on earth.

2- The trunk of elephant is boneless but has approximately 150,000 muscles and nerves that makes the trunk flexible. They love water and are actually the great swimmers.

3- Elephants are benevolent in nature and so generally their herds are headed by female which is usually the oldest and largest female of group. Moreover, an elephant can make a very low frequency sound which is actually below the human hearing range.

4- Elephants make them cool by fanning their ears. An elephant can intake near about 18 quarts of water in a day. Furthermore, they can smell water near about 3 miles away and can carry or store near about 2 gallons of water in his trunk.

5- Do you people know that a female elephant undergo the longest pregnancy time that is 22 months.

Interesting Facts About Elephants

6- African Elephants can live as long as eighty years whereas Indian elephants do have a lifespan of 70 years. They have the largest brain among the entire animal kingdom.  Moreover, a fully grown elephant do have a height of 8+ feet and a weight of 10,000 pounds.

7- Elephants use their feet to listen something and can pick the sub-sonic voices done by other elephants or human beings with the vibration in the ground. An interesting fact is this the tusk of elephant keeps on growing throughout their lives.

8- Elephants reached puberty in their 13 or 14 years of age. They have so sensitive skin that they can even feel a fly over their body. They have a thicker skin of 1 inch and 28 teeth in which 2 milk precursors, 12 premolar and molar and 2 second upper incisor teeth.

9- Elephants are herbivores and can spend near about 16 hours a day in eating or collecting leaves, roots, bamboo and twigs and as we all know their favorite food sugarcane.

10- Elephants are excellent swimmers and to do this excellent activity,, they use their trunk to breathe in deep water. Moreover, their trunk can sense size, shape and temperature of an object.

Interesting Facts About Elephants

These all are the interesting facts associated with an elephant’s life. You can also make your kids know regarding these facts as most of children like elephant the most.

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