Animal facts : 10 Interesting Facts about Cats

Cats are small mammal and after dogs they are ideal pet. If you too have a cat at your house, so below are some interesting facts related to this small mammal which you surely want to read. These are the facts which some of you may know and others may not. So, come let’s read them.

Facts about Cats

1- Cats can jump 7 times high as their height and are born with blue eyes which keep on changing with the passage of time.

2- Cats take 20-40 breaths in a single minute. An average cat lives an average value of 15 years. The most fertile cat reproduce 480 kittens.

3- The hearing power of cats is more sensitive than humans or dogs and have vision of at least 180 degrees.

4- As we all know that cats can sleep anywhere on a bed or table. But are you aware of this fact that an average cat sleeps between 13 to 15 hours a day.

 Facts about Cats

5- Cats have human like emotions. They show happiness, excitability, depression, playfulness and anger just like humans do.

6- Cats hate water as their fur does not insulate in a proper way when it is wet. A cat can travel at a high speed of Approx 31 MPH over a quite less distance. Cats are able to make 100 vocal sounds.

Cats hate water

7- When cats feel happy or excited, they shut down their eyes. Cats have flexible body and sharp teeth which they use to hunt small animals like mice or rats.

8- Cats have strong night vision which enable them to see six level more than humans. Cats usually spend a huge amount of time licking their coats in order to keep them clean.

9- If the cat is standing near front of you and quivering her tail, this is the great expression of love and affection which she is showing to its master.

10- Cats spend their 30 to 40% hours in grooming them. Most cats do not have eye lashes and its jaws cannot move sideways.

Facts about Cats

These are some of the facts involved in a cat’s life which you surely find interesting.

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