America's 10 Most Polluted and Dirtiest Cities

Since last decades, America is also going quite dirty and polluted. The legacy will continue to effect the health of their communities for future years. Here are the 10 cities in America which are really dirty and required to be clean up unless it will goes on becoming more dirty with every passing day which can put a real adverse effect over the health of people living there.

1- Fresno, California:-

This metro city has taken the award for the most dirtiest city in America. Here, 500,000 people suffer from agricultural as well as all around pollution. It has been estimated that Sperling air quality index is 1 and Sperling water quality index is 22.


2- Bakersfield, California:-

It is the oil capital of California. It is a place for various oldest and traditional fields in the nation. Emission from oil and gas from industries gets involved into the Central Valley pollution which is the worst thing in the nation. 800,000 people living here are subjected to pollution.

Bakersfield, Calif

3- Philadelphia, PA:-

This Philadelphia in Wilmington metro city is situated on the Delaware river which do have tons of oil refineries and chemical plants. It has been estimated that every year near about  18.5 million toxic out of which 7.2 million gets discharged into water.

Philadelphia, PA

4- Bridgeport, Conn:-

Despite of being the nation;s richest estate, much of the part of this estate has been gone blighted. Since decades, The Ray Industries manufactured car parts here and dump toxic waste which results in dirt and great amount of pollution.

Bridgeport, Conn

5- Modesto, California:-

Modesto is an another highly ranked polluted estate in California’s Central valley. It got a huge population of 500,000 people in which 15% are unemployed. This place ranked on the fifth mark in terms of pollution and comes on 11th for worst quality ozone.

Modesto, California

6- Riverside, California:-

This metro city with 4.5 million population suffers from great level of ozone. Here in this estate, explosives, fireworks  and rocket motors are being manufactured and this leaks great amount of pollution which destroys the air as well as drinking water supplies.

Riverside, California

7- New Haven, Conn:-

This metro estate with 850,000 residents got everything top class and perfect like top flight school in Yale university, then their lungs pay the actual price as pollution and dirt present here can make anyone sick.

New Haven, Conn

8- San Jose, California:-

You can not equate Silicon valley with pollution but San Jose do have tons of superfund sites where chipmakers leaked toxic solvents at earth. Ozone also is a big problem here.

san jose california

9- Stockton, California:-

This area got ozone levels that rank 23rd in the nation.Population here is 650,000. A great amount of dirt and pollution is found here because of explosives and fireworks which are there in this estate.

Stockton, California

10- Milwaukee, Wi:-

Decades of heavy industrial development leads to huge pollution and draining. Near about 1.5 million people live in this polluted estate. This metro estate is ranked on 20th for particle pollution.

Milwaukee, Wi

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