GTA i.e. Grand Theft Auto is a game loved by many a million. Each one of us plays the game with more fervour and passion than the other. The thrill of racing high-end cars, walking like a cool gangster, killing people with technologically enhanced and heavily advanced guns is insurmountable. Surely, every player has dreamt of going through the GTA thrill at least once in real life but of course, we can’t and we don’t. Except, someone has chosen to do it for us!

Amazing Real Life GTA Video Sure To Give You Goosebumps

Yes, Corridor Digital has shot out real life videos of GTA in LA as we see in the game in Los Santos. The overall packaging of the video is truly mind boggling and the end is sure to give you goosebumps just like you’d get if you were playing the game. The video has gone viral over the internet in less than 24 hours! Check it out, right away!

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