AI email assistant in sales

Your sales team is always busy. To make sure they’re always on top of their game, and that they’re never missing out on an opportunity, you should consider implementing sales automation software.

But if you want something more powerful to up your game, you will need to adopt AI in sales.

Simply put, AI tools can act like your wingmen – taking care of the less trivial tasks that require some sort of intelligence to get things done. Rather than performing a simple action in response to the trigger, e.g. sending an auto-reply to the incoming email, AI-powered sales tools will also do the “thinking” part, analyzing the contents of the message to understand the context/intent and come up with the right reply.

This is exactly what a sales email assistant can do.

Sales Email Assistant by

The AI-powered Email Assistant is a new way to automate your sales process and improve your customer engagement.

It uses machine learning to analyze your email data, so it can learn what kind of responses are most likely to convert into new leads or sales. It then automatically composes emails for your reps — so they have more time to focus on closing deals, rather than writing emails.

As a result, it helps you make better use of your time, automating repetitive tasks in your sales communications so that you can focus on more important things like growing your pipeline!

Built by on top of the GPT-3 generator, the Email Assistant is designed for businesses that are looking to boost their customer engagement. A part of the larger sales acceleration platform, it allows you to work efficiently with large email lists and scale your outreach while still being able to make your communication feel personal.

Simply put, instead of the canned templates or default follow-ups you can come up with a new and unique message to target each specific prospect, based on the provided context or extra information.

Once the template is generated, the Assistant will highlight the potential issues that might affect the email performance, e.g. spam words, message length, or even number of questions.

We’ve also trained our algorithms to spot the positive responses and automatically sort the emails into a separate inbox folder so you can prioritize the leads accordingly.

All of this makes the Email Assistant a must-have tool for busy sales reps looking to increase their performance.