Advantages of Owning Multiple Pairs of Eyewear

When you walk into a store selling glasses on a rack, you are normally greeted with a pretty diverse choice. Wholesale sunglasses are usually sold to retailers by the assorted set, which allows for a broad choice to be offeredas well as serious affordability for each pair.

That’s why wholesale designer sunglasses are such a popular choice for ecommerce sites and traditional retail alike. They offer a lot, they come in a real diversity of styles and uses, andthey can be inexpensive. Just think about how many times you’ve walked into a store and picked a few pairs off the rack just as you’re checking out.

This point about “a few pairs” is also relevant. One of the great appeals of eyewear is that people typically buy multiple pairs. Wholesale sunglasses distributors Olympic Eyewear out of SLC, say that this is one of the reasons why their assorted batches of designer sunglasses are such a popular choice for retailers – precisely because customers typically pick up “a few pairs”.

And understanding why is useful both for consumers looking to protect their eyes and retail outlets thinking of investing in bulk orders of glasses for their store – whether it be online or off.

The Utility of Eyewear

Most essentially, the interest in owning multiple pairs of glasses all boils down to how useful eyewear actually is and the many different contexts where you might need a pair of glasses. To consider just sunglasses as an example, it is clear that the common impression that they are just for sunny days at the beach is entirely wrong.

People buy sunglasses in order to do something about glare when driving, they buy sunglasses for snowy weather where light glinting off snow and ice can be blinding, they buy them for use with computer screens in order to reduce eye strain, and they are also useful for doing certain types of sports.

All of this accounts for the interest in glasses – and we haven’t even mentioned their fashion appeal yet.

Furthermore, the various uses for glasses also explains why people typically own multiple pairs. You might be wondering if you require multiple pairs of glasses as a consumer, and the truth is that most people indeed do. They also buymultiple pairs when the price is not high, as is the case with retailers buying wholesale-supplied eyewear.

Reasons to Own Multiple Pairs

Here are some further reasons for owning multiple pairs of glasses for you to consider:


In an average assorted batch ofwholesale sunglasses presented on a rack in a store or on the page of some ecommerce site, there will be many different frame and lens styles to choose from. Some glasses will suit certain outfits, and some will suit other ones. This is one of the major reasons why consumers often like to pick up a few pairs.

Different Uses

We touched on this above, and it is the utility of owning several pairs of glasses precisely because you have several different uses for them. A pair of sunglasses for the beach and pair in the glove compartment for driving is quite common.

A Spare Pair

When people buy a pair of inexpensive glasses, the low cost allows them not to worry too much about damaging them or losing them. This is precisely because it is very easy – and common – to pick up a few pairs just so that you’re never caught short.

All these points underscore the value to the customer of owning several pairs of glasses, and the value to the seller of offering a broad selection.