The title sounds unrealistic but it is certainly a true story. Three waitresses were killing their time at work in the restaurant on a snowy depressing Saturday. They might have been discussing the gravity of the student loan on their life. The waitresses were pleasantly surprised when a diner gave them each a tip of 5,000 USD.  This is a unique case that is heard in the US in recent times. It is too good to be believed.

The three waitresses named Amber Kariolich, Amy Sabani and Sarah Seckinger were finishing their shift at the county family restaurant in Caledonia III when a woman came to eat an omlette alone. She asked for the names of the three waitresses at the counter. After getting to know the details about the three waitresses, she paid back for their services with a hefty amount of 5,000 dollar each to the ladies.

A Whopping 15,000 USD tip left by an Anonymous Customer For The Waitresses

A check was handed over to the ladies with their individual names written over and also said that she had heard the conversation between the waitresses while they were discussing about paying their student loans and also about the atrocities of life. This is a highest degree of generosity ever shown in the US by someone.

As reported by one of the waitress Seckinger aged 21, the check was given to the girls by the woman and she asked them use it for their education or whatever they need in life. According to ABC News, all the three waitresses started to cry after being handed over the check.

Seckinger stated that she had been discussing with Kariolich about their student loans and the dream of her going back to school to finish her education. Secking had tears in her eyes while reporting this incident to the ABC News. She said that the school education had paused for her because of work. She had been working here since the last 6 years and always wanted to finish her education.

Kariolich on the other hand has worked for the last 10 years here and Sabana has been here for almost 2 years.

After giving the tip to the three waitresses, the woman hastily left the restaurant. However, she was confronted by the staff not to pay for the 9 dollar bill on her omelet. Right after the woman handed over the checks to ladies, the restaurant owner Matt Nebiu tried calling the bank in order to test the legitimacy of the checks. Nebiu added that the girl had dined at the restaurant before but was not a regular in there. When he inquired the bank, he was told that the checks were not being kept on hold.  Nebiu stated that there are some nice people still existing in this world of greed. He was in awe of the woman who left checks for the waitresses. It was too generous to be true.

Seckinger, the waitress reported that she would utilize this money in order to finish the degree and that the co-workers of Seckinger in the restaurant cannot still believe of what happened. She said that it was a result of her hard work and the belief that she had shown in God in all those years of suffering and denial from education.

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