A Strange But Cute Reason For Koalas Hugging The Trees

Koalas are really adorable for eyes and almost everyone acknowledges it. They have this tendency to hug the trees and there is nothing more pleasing to the eye than that picture. A recent study made in the Melbourne University found out that the Koalas wrap their bodies around the trunk of the tree in order to evade them from over-heating process.

The study was made with the help of radio collars, used to track the koalas. It was a general view that animals are more likely to hug the trees when it’s the summer time. It gave more hints to the researchers and they got closer to their conclusion. The researchers also discovered that the temperature on the trunks of the tree was 9 degree Celsius lower than the temperature elsewhere on the ground. Koalas absorb all the cold from the trunk and they can easily sustain that coolness for a long time.

A Strange But Cute Reason For Koalas Hugging The Trees

The image of a koala hugging the tree has become very popular among the masses. It is known to be the most adorable animal for its hugging nature, but no one knew that it is because of evading the heat and feel cooler. No one actually knew that hugging a tree helps Koala to survive the heat and stay alive. They can easily avoid heat by hugging the trunk of the tree and sustain that temperature for long, in the hot summers. The researchers in the Melbourne University made use of radio collars in order to record the movement and other thermal changes in the body of koalas.

According to the researchers, the koalas used to sit low under the trees in summer in order to evade the gear and they usually went out to the trunk and hugged it tight. The temperature on the trunk is 9 degree lower than the usual temperature in the air. This process of hugging helped them to transform the heat away from their body and they suffer the danger of dehydration.

 A Strange But Cute Reason For Koalas Hugging The Trees

According to Natalie Briscoe, who was also a part of the research stated that the koalas can actually preserve half the water they need in order to survive in heat while they hug the tree. The results of the study have pointed out the importance of the trunk of trees in order to keep these adorable animals cooler.  Andrew Krockenberger also said that quarter of one population of koalas died in the harsh heat in 2009. Hence, they need to have a trunk to hug in order to feel cooler.

The research concluded that the other tree animals like monkeys, leopards are also likely to hug the trees in order to evade the heat. The average life span of a healthy koala is 16 years. In Australia, there were millions of koalas at some point of time but then the poaching of these koalas started and only a few left in the wild after 1900’s. The Australian government has listed Koalas as the rare threatened species now and efforts are being made to improve their living situation and preserve them for good. We all love this pretty animal and hope that this research would aware the people about these bunch of cuties and they start caring about them, eliminating the chance of their extinction.

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