A Stealth Dirt Bike To Be Released By The US Military

The US Military has always been unfolding unique projects in its lineup and the recent surprise they have given is in the form of a dirt bike. The development of the dirt motorcycle has already started, according to the reports of Defense Tech. The hybrid electric engine of Stealth bike will enable the soldiers to sustain on the bike for longer time while riding on a rough terrain. The engine will be emitting no noise whatsoever and this is one of the best attributes of the new revolutionary motorcycle unraveled by the US army.

US Military Stealth Dirt Bike

Logos Technologies has taken up the responsibility for building the engine of the stealth dirt bike. According to the reports, it will be the first hybrid electric dirt bike that has ever taken to the industry. The manager of advanced concepts at Logos Technologies, Mr. Wade Pulliam has announced that the US military needed something similar for a long time and hence contacted the company to realize the manufacturing of the same. He also added that the US Military has vowed to completely rely on the hybrid electric motorcycles from now on.

US Military Stealth Dirt Bike US Military Stealth Dirt Bike US Military Stealth Dirt Bike

The company that has been helping the military to build the bike is BRD motorcycles. These motorcycles will be used by the Special Operations teams. No official announcement has been received on when the motorcycle will be available and where it will be used on the first go, but we are expecting it to surface by the year 2015.

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