A Rare Sight of Fabled Sea Creature Captured by the Camera

A fabled sea creature that has been caught by the camera and it weighs 330 pounds while measuring 12 feet in length. This is not a hoax and the capturers are very happy about the same.  It is actually a big squid that has been captured on the camera and the videos of the same have been rolled out recently. Last time, when the story about giant squid was released, it was not true and considered as a hoax so when this news is making rounds in the media, people are finding it hard to believe.

The recently spotted giant squid is based in Japan and it was captured in the fisherman’s net. They could not revive his life as he died on the spot but he was taken to the surface and it was a shocker for everyone around.

The last news in which the reporters showed a radioactive squid which was 160 feet long was wrong news and a hoax. The story that was made up by the experts was that it came into the after effects of the nuclear disaster and developed radioactive nature. This news created a huge buzz in the world, however when the picture surfaced on the internet, it looked photo-shopped. It also pointed to the experts who do not exist in the world. There were some people who believed the story though and bought the news.

Giant squid caught by net fisherman off Japan

In the recent capture of the giant squid, the picture looks more real and genuine. It was captured off the Coast of Sadogashima Island and it is believed that finding such species is a rarity. The Japan Times reported the squid to be weighing 330 pounds and its length was measured to be 330 pounds. The Japanese language video was also released along with the news and it featured a creature that was on display as known by the scientists. The video shows the squid pulled off from the shore.

Giant squid caught by net fisherman off Japan

These squids are an eluded creature that stay deep under waters and cannot be spotted due to the problems while diving so deep. They have been linked to the sea monster myths that were foretold by the fishermen and people jotted them down in the novels and films. It was a shocker for everyone to see that these squids could measure up to 40 feet and weighed about a ton which is incredible and something that has never been seen before.

Smithsonian Ocean Portal also took a point of the incident and reported that first such incident was recorded way back in 2006 by the Japanese scientists when they spotted a 24 feet squid. In 2012 too, the Japan’s National Science museum scientists showed the habitat of giant squids on the Discovery channel.

The picture that has been taken of the giant squid recently has been captured by a fisherman in the name Shigenori Goto who has reported the incident to Japan Times and he found the squid while going for fishing. It was stuck up in his net that he used to capture buri yellowtail in the deep waters of 310 feet.


The video that has been surfaced online describes that the squid has been taken to Fisheries Ocean Research Institute in Niigata Prefecture for researching more about this creature. People are often talking about this creature and relating it to the Fukushima disaster. This time the news is real and with the pictures that have surfaced online, it does not look to be photo-shopped. We will have to wait and see what the research institute has to say about this giant squid.

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