A New App To Boost Your Smartphone’s Battery Performance

The major problem that the users were facing off the smartphones was the drop down in battery at regular intervals. The existence of multiple apps in the phone also plays a significant role in culminating the battery drop. The mobile experts have been working on this problem for some time now and finally they have come up with a solution for the same. Yes, now you can utilize the last single drop of battery to an effective use.

The technology is growing rapidly and it is making way for some useful developments. There is simply no scope for impossible in the current times and the phone developers are making sure of the same. There was a time when mobiles were used only for texting and calling but with the unfolding of time, people have realized the importance of apps and they have become a fundamental aspect of their life. In the same way, the tech world is evolving every day and the users have started expecting some revolutionary developments in the gadget portfolios.

A New App To Boost Your Smartphone’s Battery Performance

One of the recent news has claimed that an app is getting launched that will take care of the battery consumption of the smartphones and it will squeeze out the power from last single drop off battery. The importance of a smartphone in the current scenario cannot be denied and hence a likewise app was acutely needed. The problem of battery among smartphones needed to be solved and the news of the power enhancing app has sparkled smiles on the face of smartphone users. Some time ago, it was a bug that users could not sustain the battery of the smartphone for long but the trend is eyeing for a change and the new app will make sure that every single drop of the battery is utilized.

The new app that is dedicated to saving the battery power of the smartphone is called “Battery+”. It has been launched on Google Play store this week and the response that the app is getting in the market is phenomenal. It directly points to the desire with which users wanted to seek such an app for their smartphone. It will also help evade the possibility of buying an extra battery pack which costs users a hefty amount of money.

The concept of which the app works is simple. It shuts down LTE, Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth radios in order to squeeze the best out of the battery power of the smartphone. Since, all the above mentioned features of the smartphone are solely responsible for craving the major amount of battery, switching them off automatically would mean that the users can save a substantial amount of power in their smartphones.  It also adjusts the screen brightness which is an important factor in draining out the battery of a smartphone.

This app can be availed by the user at a nominal cost of 3.34 USD and can be fetched from the Google App Store. The app is relatively new in the market and hence it has not received reviews as yet but “Battery+” appears to be a promising aspect for the smartphone world. “Battery +” is definitely expected to leave a mark in the smartphone industry considering the need of such app in the market.

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