A Lucid Take on the Ice Bucket Challenge + Top 10 Celebrity Challenges

The Ice Bucket Challenge, although associated to a noble cause, seems to be this summer’s Harlem Shake for most of the world. The big difference is that this time it’s an individual activity, not a screwball group one, so it’s feasible to all types of people, not just to the half-wit late blooming teenagers or teenagers themselves. After all, it’s not something invented by Filthy Frank.

ALS is a marginalized disease, but is it worthy of all this attention?

Surely ALS is a disease that needs our attention and funds to be raised, but one can’t stop thinking there are at least a few hundred other diseases worthy of at least the same consideration. The main argument of this campaign was the fact that since only around 5.000 people are diagnosed with it every year, it’s not profitable for the medical industry, so it’s being marginalized.

“On August 20th, the ALS Association announced in a press release that the group received more than $31.5 millions during the period of July 29th to August 20th, in comparison to the donation of $1.9 million raised during the same time period last year”

I guess that should wrap it all up and it’s time to move along and find another fun thing for people to do, making the world donate to the next good cause.

Taking attention whoring to a new level

If you’re a celebrity, of course filming yourself doing the challenge will make it more popular and more people will donate. Not to mention, you probably have more money to donate than others anyway. But it you’re just an average Joe and you’re posting a video of yourself pouring a bucket of ice over your head, challenging other unexceptional people such as yourself to do it, well then you’re only delusional. Nobody cares. You could just donate your $20, share a video of a celebrity doing the challenge and keep quiet.

So what are some of the best celebrity ice bucket challenge videos so far? Here we’ve selected 10 of them, most probably the best/most interesting:

George W. Bush


Patrick Stewart


Charlie Sheen


Jeremy Clarkson


Steve Aoki


David Lynch


Tara Ried


Bill Gates


Mini Me



The Ice Bucket Challenge and the waste of water

And to those who are complaining that these people are wasting water while children in Africa are dying, well take these points into consideration:
– A bucket of 2.5 gallons is the equivalent of a shower head’s flow rate in more or less one minute time, so if you care that much about the universe start taking 30 seconds showers. And only do it once a month so you won’t feel too guilty.
– Ice is less dense than water, so there’s even less water in a bucket than you thought.
– Try and be the next genius who invents a reason for celebrities to go viral on the Internet, challenging each other to donate total of millions to a noble cause.

Also, to be honest, the title for the best ice challenge someone ever took, before ALS awareness and before buckets, still belongs this German guy:


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