A Dry Swimwear In Town: Keeps The Material Wet-Proof In The Pool

This is an era of innovation and it is easy to conclude that in the recent times, all the chains of innovation and technology have been taken to beyond the imagination. The newest innovative approach has been registered on the Kickstarter campaign, where Franky Shaw is looking for fundraisers for selling the trunks that are wet-proof even in the pool.

Franky Shaw has stated that the idea came to him when he got totally annoyed with the wet trunks of him making the car seats wet. He thought, he should come up with something unique that could be something like a wet-proof trunk, so that his car does not get wet each time he steps in after a swim. After the idea struck, him Franky started to develop a polyester-blend hydrophobic material that works on the repulsion phenomenon and keeps the liquid from entering inside the pores of the trunk. The concept of the trunk material lays in the bonding of nanoparticles with fibres on a microscopic level. As soon as the water strikes the material, the particles make a sphere around the fabric in order to repel the water off the trunk.


Now, the people do not have to worry a single bit before taking a quick dip into the pool. The main problem that the swimmers faced until now, was the soaking of their swimwear. With the introduction of the wet-proof trunks, the swimmers will not have to wear the water soaked trunks for the whole day. Franky Shaw has come up with this innovation. He is based in Toronto and has started to look for investors for the funding of his idea. He has also mentioned that the material is made from a hydrophobic material, which repels water and makes the trunk wet-proof.

A Dry Swimwear In Town: Keeps The Material Wet-Proof In The Pool

The trunks proposed by Shaw simply look like ordinary trunks from far but it simply repels water when in contact. It is the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of the trunk.  When Shaw was confronted by the journalists, he stated that people were wary of the fact that once they get in their car with a wet trunk, they could make the seats of the car wet. In order to evade this situation that apparently everyone faces in the current times, Shaw came up with this tremendous idea. He also said that the wet trunks also evaded him to go to nearby restaurants after the beach and this fact annoyed him way too much.

The swimwear would start from the price of 47 dollars, which is a reasonable tag considering the importance of wet-proof material in trunks.

A Dry Swimwear In Town: Keeps The Material Wet-Proof In The Pool

Shaw said that they had decided to look for the tropical applications for the use of the trunk but realized that it was changing the color of the garment and hence, the experiment did not prove worthy. Shaw then started to look for some other better alternative and came up with this polyester-blend hydrophobic nanomaterial technology. The concept of the technology lays in the fact that the billions of nanoparticles bond with fibres on a very minor level. As soon as the water is splashed on the fabric, the particles form sphere like structures around the material and repel the water accordingly.

The hydrophobic nanotechnology has been evolving over the years and it has stayed in the market for long but they had always carried the tag of being short lived. The silic water repelling t shirt is another example of material which was released just a year ago but it could go on for only 80 washes. The swimwear that has been made by Fraky Shaw is however, more promising and according to the developers, it would have a better life span than the silic water repelling t shirt. If he gets the funding on time, the trunks would be available for sale by the end of July.

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