A Creative Proposal by the Lover

Love certainly has no boundaries or barriers. A man is able to think creative and act creative under the influence of Love. The same is the case with Paul Phillips, who was keen on proposing his girlfriend in a very innovative manner. For this, he was able to take on any challenge. This time, it was the creative challenge that went underway. He took help of Yoni Limor and created a wonderful handmade book. This book talked about their love story. It was kept secretly in a local bookstore.

A Creative Proposal by the Lover

The book talked about the story of a giraffe and a Gorilla. It unfolded with the two falling in love with each other. In the end, the gorilla plans to propose his love, giraffe. This book was given by Paul to his girlfriend and when she came across the proposal stage, Paul bent on his knees himself. His heart was on a thrilling journey, just waiting for a positive answer from his lady love. In the end, the girl said “Yes” and both went out of the store happy. Such was the impact of the homemade book that it took no time for the girl to say “Yes”.

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