A Couple That Was Meant To Be Together

People sometimes say that love is blind and it applies to most situations. The gravity of likeliness does not depend solely on the fortunes of the person’s physical appearance but it is totally inclined to the commitment and love for each other. We have heard of many cases when love has turned out to be blind but in this case, we will see an over the top story which is no less than a Hollywood flick.

The story goes back four years ago when Larry Ragsdale decided to propose his school time girlfriend Kelcie Yeoman while vacating with her family to Disneyland. Things were all pumped up and Larry was excited about this feat. He had planned it in advance and wanted to offer his deepest gratitude to the girlfriend who stood by his side for so many years. However, just a week before making to the trip, Larry took Kelcie’s sister to a jewelry store where he chose the ring for his girlfriend. On his way to the store, Larry’s car lost the balance after getting hit by a truck. The accident was so severe that Larry almost lost the battle for his life. Right after the accident, doctors declared him in an unconscious state and referred him to coma where he stayed for months. People were not even sure if Larry would be able to recover ever again.

A Couple That Was Meant To Be Together

In this time when everyone lost their hope, it was kelcie who actually stood by the side of Larry and took special care of him while him recovering in the hospital. She never gave up on the hope that Larry would recover again. Kelcie stood by his side until the time he recovered. In order to stay close to him, she also took up the work in one of the facilities where Larry was in recovering phase. Larry was a former football player and a track star. He had everything and suddenly with the click of the moment, everything was snatched away from him. However, the only one precious possession he had while recovering was Kelcie. She never left his hand in those difficult times. The track star got paralyzed right after being hit in the accident. He went through an ample of surgeries accompanied with a regular tracking of health by the doctors.


The physical therapy sessions are still a part of his routine after recovering up. Even though he was going through the hardest time of his life, Kelcie stayed there alongside him like his shadow. Larry finally got out of the coma state in August, which was apparently 3 years after he got stuck with the accident. He decided to propose Kelcie using the same ring he had chosen on the night he suffered the accident. However, their bank accounts would not allow them to make a trip to Disneyland anymore. But McKenzie launched a campaign that collected funds for this noble cause and 20,000 USD were collected in a matter of 11 days which is phenomenal.

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