A 71 Year Old Starving To Death; Sudden Breakdown In Weight Noticed

This is a story about a 71 year woman named Anne Todd who was very healthy in November but during the last 3 months, she has been losing weight considerably. She refused to eat food and stopped going out as a result. This has impacted her health and specifically her body weight. She is now only 4 stone pounds as compared to 9 stone pounds as weighed 3 months ago. The interesting part is that the doctors are not able to find a cause for the disease she is suffering from.

In all this chaos in the 71 year old’s life, her daughter Jackie Nelson, 46 is posting her pictures in order to realize the evil that has caused her mother this situation. Anne is already a grandmother of three children and now she is literally starving to death because of her loss in appetite. She has started refusing to eat for the last three months and it has adversely affected her health and her weight.

Anne weighed as much as 9 stone back in November and her current weight has plunged down to four stone pounds. This has happened in no more than 3 months time. It has shocked and disgraced her daughter who told the reporters of how healthy her mother was a couple of months ago. Suddenly, she stopped going out and started being less active. Anne also refused to eat food in all this time.

A 71 Year Old Starving To Death; Sudden Breakdown In Weight Noticed

Anne was taken to the local GP, doctors, social service centers and even a community mental health team but none could explain the reason for her health degradation. The cause for her lost in appetite cannot be explained by anyone.

Jackie, the daughter of Anne has now posted some pictures of her suffering mother so that someone can come with a helping hand and aware her of the cause for this decline in health. Her daughter stated in an interview that she notices her mother dying on a slow and painful note. So if Anne will not receive the right treatment, she will definitely go through a lot of troubles and ultimately death.  Jackie also told the reporters how active and outgoing her mother was a couple of months ago before she denied eating anymore. It happened so swiftly that she had not even realized before Anne gave up eating.

Jackie also added that she does not see her mother eat even one bite of food while she is alone at home. It is a very hard thought to imagine her going through all this pain. Jackie is just watching her mother go into the clutches of slow death and simply can’t help it. Mrs Todd has been taken several times to the hospital but the doctors have not pointed any specific illness. This has made it even more difficult for the situation to improve.

Half of the body weight of Anne has been lost in the last 3 months and it is a very painful situation to see for her daughter Jackie. People are still trying to find out the cause of all this but they are simply clueless. Anne did not celebrate even the Christmas at her daughter’s house as she usually would do. It was on 9 February that her situation had worsened. It was so bad that Jackie had to actually call an ambulance. When Anne was taken to the hospital, she went through a lot of tests but no clear results.

Jackie has taken off from work because of the stressful situation and trying her best to come to some conclusion. She gives cooked meals to her mother which is usually untouched by her. There are no changes in the situation for a long time and the cause for the same is also not fetched.

A 71 Year Old Starving To Death; Sudden Breakdown In Weight Noticed

Jackie is trying to find the hidden answers about this illness and she also wants to know why her mother started draining out weight and came down to 4 stone pounds in just a matter of 3 months. Jackie told the reporters that her partner had died nine years ago but it did not impact Anne much and things were just as fine. It can be a part of some nervous breakdown. The doctors are having a look at the situation and most of them are not able to find the real cause. They have established that Anne is actually physically fine.  However, Jackie has pressed in her statements that it cannot be a physical illness because she is regularly eating when in hospital but once she gets home, it starts all over again and she starves.

The doctors are least aware of the complexities of the situation and do not even know about the disease that’s haunting Anne. One doctor came up to Jackie and even told her that if Anne does not want to eat, please don’t push her. Jackie was disgusted by this answer and she felt like banging her head to a brick and no one waking up to her problem.

The more Anne is realizing she needs help, the more it affects her body. She is just becoming a bone like structure in the last days and Jackie along with the other doctors is helpless in this case. A care package was given to Anne but it did not help a bit as reported by Jackie. She also said that the carers try to feed her food but they can’t forcibly make her eat if she refuses. It is actually no one’s fault but the care system is difficult to navigate.

However, the situation is going out of control and even a person who is not a trained medical expert can tell that Anne is going through a lean and tough patch. When Anne was taken to the hospital, the nurses were horribly surprised watching the condition of her. The doctors did a series of tests on Anne but could not find anything significant. Jackie said that she is shown a negative sign everywhere she goes and someone has got to help her mother out before it is too late. When Rosehill surgery where Anne is admitted was contacted, they did not secrete out the details because of the patient confidentiality policy.

The Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust reported that when a person gets away from the hospital, the trust tries to work together with the family in order to make sure a proper care is given to the patient. The trust works on a person centred care approach for managing the health care of their patients.


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