9 Simple Steps To Grow A Badass Beard

Growing a big bad beard is no easy task but the outcome is well worth the effort. How will you do it? Well, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but if you are determined, here are 9 steps that will help you out –
9 Simple Steps To Grow A Badass Beard

1. Dump your Razor

This one goes without saying. You can’t grow a beard if you keep shaving it off. Of course, you will often feel like shaving it off but that may or may not happen depending upon how much will power you have. Thus, throw your razor into the dumpster right away!

2. Waiting

Well, if you can go through the waiting period, then you are in for a deal. Wait it out, be patient, bring all your patience out, collect all the patience in the world and let it guard you.  

3. Deal with the patches

If your beard’s coming out in patches, use a razor or trim it n such way that the patches blend. The most natural thing you can do is take in lots of proteins and Vitamin B.  

4. Deal with the Itches

If you want to grow a beard, you are definitely going to feel itchy. There are products in the market that help you with this and make you comfortable. You should try out some of them.  

5. Haters are well, Haters!

There are going to be a large number of people (read moms and girlfriends) who are going to convince you to shave your beard. Well, you will have to do what you have to do.  

6. You, poor homeless guy!  

Well, own it! Own it! Yes, you are going to look wild, homeless, hipster, and gypsy but own it and wing it. Your efforts and your patience are going to pay in the end.

7.Now, tame the beast!

Well, yes, finally you can pay attention to some neatness. You can get some work done on that wild wild beard. Get the trimmer and the razor out and shape it the way you like it. Be gentle or else you will mess the whole thing up. Hope you tame it well!

8. Lines, pay attention!

If you are into grooming, get a good neckline and cheek-line and if you aren’t, let the natural look kill it!

9. Mirror Mirror on the wall!

Ain’t I the most handsome of them all?

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