8 Top Engagement Ring Brands For Every Bride

Engagement is an important event in a woman’s life and she’d obviously want the best of everything on her engagement day including the ring.

Here are 8 top engagement ring brands for every bride –


1. Tacori

This is one of the premium American brands that headquarters in CF. Its specialty is bridal jewellery and hence, none can debate upon the quality of their rings.


2. Ritani

Ritani specialises in engagement rings and other kinds of bridal jewellery and hence, a large number of people flock here to get their engagement rings done. The retail store is based in New York whilst the e-commerce portal is based in Seattle. It hasn’t been long since the brand embarked upon engagement rings but it has definitely been tremendously successful. It gives customers an option to customize the rings as per their liking. Ritani has found a grey line between retail and e-commerce where it lets its customers preview a custom made ring in a nearby jewellery store and then decide to buy it or ask for changes etc. Ritani definitely is one of the big brands in the market as of today.


3. Graff

This is a London based jewellery brand and its designs are insurmountable. It sells eminent engagement rings to those who order.


4. Harry Winston

Harry Winston
This is one of the oldest jewellery brands in the market and is American as well. It is interesting to note that Harry Winston was the owner of the Hope Diamond for a very long time and can also be credited for trading in diamonds with the Portuguese. Obviously then, if you want a diamond ring for your bride, he is who you go to…


5. Cartier

It is a jewellery firm that is eons old in the business and hence, one can put a lot of trust in them. Moreover, they come from the couture capital i.e. Paris. It can be credited for important historical landmarks in the jewelry business and hence, is one of the most sought after brands for engagement rings. After all, it has catered to a celebrity too many in its long years and continues to do so even today.


6. Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co.
Tiffany & Co is a listed stock referred to as Tiffany’s all across the world and is an American jewelry luxury brand. Its head-quarters are in NYC but the rings that the Tiffany’s create are out of the ordinary. While Tiffany is a diversified brand, the rings are definitely one of its best products. One can order a ring online as well as offline from Tiffany’s. Its diamond jewelry is to vouch for. The high-end society uses Tiffany’s for occasions, events and otherwise. So, why should the engagement be any different!


7. DeBeers

The diamond rings of DeBeers are simply unbeatable and it wouldn’t be wrong to call the company an industry leader. It manufactures countless kinds of diamond rings and thus, there is something for everyone in here. Moreover, the company operates across the globe and hence, no matter where you are, you can place an order with DeBeers. It also deals in trading rough diamonds and is said to have a global stake of 35%. It is one of the oldest companies in operation and has gone through numerous management variations over the years. The company also has had its own share of controversies but has definitely continued to sell diamond rings at a consistent pace in the market.


8. Mouawad

This is an MNC but one that makes eternal engagement rings. Its pieces sell like hot cakes because they are hard to resist. It is a swiss brand and has been family owned since its conception. It is surely a premium jewelry brand that knows how to win your bride’s heart.
So, these were 8 exceptional engagement ring brands for any and every bride! 

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