8 Tips To Wash Your Dog With Perfection

The importance of the neatness of your pets cannot be ignored by a single bit. Dogs become your companions in quick time and hence, it becomes your responsibility to get them neat and clean. They can prove to be cute and affectionate but at the same, they can be very annoying with their mess too. In this article, we will share the advice on dog care shared by Brett Levitzke, who is the director of Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group based in Brooklyn. He has shared his views and given tips on dog washing.

Here are some of the useful tips that you can imply on washing your dog with perfection:
8 Tips To Wash Your Dog With Perfection
1. Give him an early and regular bath:

Dogs are usually fond of taking regular baths. Make sure that you train them to get ready to bath every day. They become tolerable with time.

2. Make sure you got things that you need in hand:

Dogs have this tendency to seek attention and hence you need to have shampoo, towel and treats close to yourself while giving them a bath.

3. The water temperature shall be taken care of:

While giving bath to your pet, you need to make sure that the water is not very hot/very cold. In such cases, the dogs start reconsidering their bathing tendency. Lukewarm water is perfect one for bathing the dog.

4. Use the shampoo that is made for dogs:

Many of the dog owners hold the belief that they can use their own shampoo on their dog but it can simply backfire as it may prove to be too harsh on the skin of dogs and can dry it out. The owners shall look for the shampoo that matches the skin type of the dog.

5. Do not break the peace :

Dogs are often agitated and nervous when you call them in a heavier tone. Hence, while bathing them, you have to make sure that your tone is not heavy otherwise it is enough to actually intimidate them.

6. Use an appropriate place for bathing :

Human bathtubs can prove to be handy in case of large breeds but when it comes to tiny dogs, the owners must make use of a sink or bath containers. These small places calm the dogs and do not intimidate them.

7. The bathing shall start from the back :

The dog wet shake sends chill pills to most owners; hence the face should be spared for the very end moment of the bathing process. You should actually start bathing the dogs from their back and then gradually move forward. The dogs often shake when the water hits their neck or head.

8. Dog’s ears must be taken care of :

Dog’s ears are structured in a very typical way and hence the water can easily pool into their ears. Hence, you should be really careful when it comes to bathing your dog. In order to prevent water going into ears, try placing cotton balls in the ears of the dog.

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