8 the best stand up comedians of all time

Being a comedian is not at all easy. Successful and renowned comedians always create their own speeches and perform with their own material.  To make the audience laugh, it is strictly a tedious task. Here is the list of top 8 talented comedians.

1- Bill Hicks:- As a satirist, he could be mean through he was attacking the audience directly. His major issues in the acts are senseless consumerism. His main motive is always to make people escape from this e-commerce modernization. He wants to say in his acts that share love and compassion.

Bill Hicks

2- Richard Pryor:- His issue is generally race relations, but he can add or say about anything. He always got unrestrained speeches.   He utilizes his own personal  inspiration in his comedy acts and materials.

Richard Pryor

3- George Carlin:- It has totally different of making people laugh on his acts. Mostly, his acts including doomsday prophecies. He mostly talked about mundane mistakes which is certainly destroying the modern civilization. In his acts, he generally added regarding death which is certainly a reality. Religion was really affecting the society.

George Carlin

4- Eddie Murphy:- He is a really stand up comic and include various impressions in his act during on-stage performances. He always remains a popular comedy actor, his older audience always misses him.

Eddie Murphy

5- Lenny Bruce:- His audience always say that he had taken comedy to a really next level. His himself was a controversial and thus take controversial topics the most. He never ever care about whatever brand of comedy he was working for. He generally added his own material.

Lenny Bruce

6- Steve Martin:- This stand up comedian was known for its silly and comic lines which he deliver with the perfect timing. He crack funny lines and even sing that, as well. His comedy always include finale jokes at the last in order to make people laugh a really big smile.

Steve Martin

7- Robin Williams:- He was the person  who never creates his comic material. He believes in natural comedy. He only spew his head spontaneously and create notable comics who can really rock the stage. Later on, he move towards movies and become a movie actor.

Robin Williams

8-  Rodney Dangerfield:- He got his comic break when he was near about 40. He got corny jokes which he says or cracks at the accurate moment.

Rodney Dangerfield

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