8 The Best Romantic Movies To Watch With Your Girlfriend On Valentine's Day

Valentines is a day of love. Here are one of the romantic movies to watch with your girlfriend  with this valentine evening
1- Kate and Leopoid:- In this duke travels from New York in 1876 and falls in love with a working or career conscious women in  the modern world. The main leads in this movies are Hugh Jackman and Meg Ryan. It is one of the wonderful movie which makes you feel  love in the air.
Kate and Leopoid
2- Just like Heaven:- David takes over the lease on Elizabeth’s apartment but suddenly he feels that she has not departed the building. Elizabeth’s body got dead but he feels that her spirit is quite alive. It’s certainly a good romantic and funny movie.
Just like Heaven
3-  Maid in Manhattan:- A senatorial candidate fall in love with a hotel maid thinking that she is a wealthy guest at the hotel. A woman from the lower class falls in love with the rich man, who remain always a winner in every sector.
Maid in Manhattan
4- 13 going on thirty:- After feeling embarrassment at her birthday party, a 13 years old girl wakes up the next day and she suddenly becomes a 30 years old woman. It’s really a good movie, it shows that something that we wants is not actually what we needs.
13 going on thirty
5- While you are sleeping:- The main lead Lucy’s life consist of complete loneliness but still she saves Peter’s life. Now Peter’s family that Lucy is his fiancee. Everyone realise him to be a terrible person, especially Peter’s brother.
While you are sleeping
6-If only:- A lonely singer and the man of her dreams take a second shot at love after interceding into their romance. Its really a touching movie and displays true and real love.
If only
7- Ever after:-  A new version of Cindrella movie with Drew Barrymore. A classic fairy tale.
Ever after
8- The Family man:- After a strange reciprocal, jack wakes up in a new and a totally different life from a high living urban wall street. Its really a fun loving, lonely and a romantic comedy.
The Family man

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